LP 70.3: 61 Days

7/11/18, 61 days out Workout: 30 minute run Weather: 87 degrees, sunny + humid I think it’s safe to say I’m finally acclimated to the summer heat! MyΒ run paces comfortably back in the mid-9s/mile and it doesn’t feel like I’m dying. I took along a small handheld bottle of Skratch hydration and sipped on it … More LP 70.3: 61 Days

LP 70.3: 63 Days

7/9/18, 63 days out Workout: 2000 yard swim, actual: rest Weather: 84 degrees, sunny, warm Worked, dropped my husband off at the airport and came home to prep food for the week and clean. Felt like going to bed at 6pm but pushed it to now (7:30p). Took a rest day because it felt like … More LP 70.3: 63 Days

LP 70.3: 64 Days

7/8/18, 64 days out Workout: REV 3 Williamsburg Olympic tri Weather: PERFECTION. 70 degrees with a slight breeze at the start, upper 70’s/low 80’s (I think) and sunny at the finish. Minimal humidity. The most perfect weather for a triathlon. Another REV 3 Williamsburg Olympic, another PR!! Happy I was able to continue the tradition … More LP 70.3: 64 Days

LP 70.3: 68 Days

7/4/18, 68 days out Workout: 1:15 bike Weather: 89 degrees, humid, mostly cloudy. Another great bike commute to work. I got in a few extra miles with my total ride time ending up at 1 hr, 11 minutes and some seconds. I took the same route off the W&OD as I did on Monday and … More LP 70.3: 68 Days

LP 70.3: 70 Days

07/02/18, 70 days out Workout: 1:15 bike Weather: So hot. I sense a theme here πŸ˜‰ My dog had an 8am vet appointment so my husband had to use the car making it the perfect day to take my Speed Concept out of the trainer and get a good ride in. We had pre-planned this, … More LP 70.3: 70 Days