[Almost] Like A Beginner Again

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 7.04.58 AM

Last week was my official return to running. Well, walk-running, but at least my legs got to go faster than a 15-16 minute mile pace for a minute at a time. I’m happy to report zero pain during or after any of the runs and am excited to move onto longer run intervals this week. In the past I would be freaking out about that average pace in the picture above, leading pushing myself faster to a poor running form and prolonging the injury. This time I’m happy to take it day by day and realize getting back to healthy, faster running takes a lot of patience.
Four walk-runs, 8.96 miles/2 hours

Since my husband was home last week I did one of my rides outside with him and two on the trainer.
Three rides, 59.5 miles/3 hours, 30 minutes

Now that running is back, swimming has been decreased to once a week for the time being. A small part of me misses smelling like chlorine 24/7.
One swim, 2000 yards/40:14

Lower body strength (one workout from my coach) and IT band rehab continued through the week.

Saturday was the Ironman World Championships in Kona and oh man, that race incredible to watch. The 8-hour finish time barrier was broken for the first time by Patrick Lange with a time of 7:52:39, beating his old record from 2017 (his own record). On the women’s side, Daniela Ryf absolutely DEMOLISHED the women’s record (her own record as well) with a time of 8:26:16, and that’s AFTER being stung by a jellyfish at the start of the swim. Also, Lucy Charles broke the women’s swim record in a blazing fast 48:13, and going onto finish 2nd place. She’s only 25 years old, and my friends, she is the future of long distance triathlon.Β  These athletes are just phenomenal, one day I hope to watch it all go down in person!



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