Back On The Bike!

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 6.51.35 PM

The swim love continued but with less yardage and frequency than last week because I got back on the bike. On Friday, I swam the most I have since before Lake Placid, 3600 yards and felt strong as hell.
Three swims, 7100 yards/2 hrs 27 minutes.

My first “real” ride back (with intervals!) was on Wednesday. It was HARD and I said so in Training Peaks to which my coach responded “you will get some more of these!” His excitement sometimes frightens me, and slowly rebuilding after a long triathlon season can be frustrating but I’m ready to get to work.
I stuck to the trainer + Zwift for the first three rides and got outside on the W&OD Trail with my husband for the longer ride; four rides, 72.6 miles/4 hours, 20 minutes

Strength/ITB Rehab
My coach gives me a once a week lower body strength workout, which is done on Monday morning. ITB strengthening/stretching continued daily.

On Monday (10/1) I started Rachel Hollis’s challenge, learn more about it here. Why am I all about this challenge? I don’t like the idea of resetting every single January. By committing to my goals during the last 90 days of the year, I’ll get to begin the new year feeling ready to continue the work I’ve been doing, not feeling the need to proclaim new resolutions or goals for 2019.

Today I get to go for a short run on the treadmill–hopefully all my rehab and rest has paid off and I can get back to my favorite of the three sports–running!

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