The Week I Decided to Really Like Swimming


I swam over 10,000 yards last week. 10,350 yards to be exact.


Why all the swimming? Because my IT band acted up at Lake Placid 70.3 last month and by the end of my second run back after taking some time off, the pain returned. So I was prescribed no running for two weeks (last week was week one), no cycling for one week (yay for return to cycling this week!) and a shit ton of swimming and home PT exercises.

Swimming is my least favorite of the three triathlon disciplines, likely because I’m not great at it. Yes, I can “get through” a swim on race day but I want to show up to the swim on race day next year. Lake Placid was actually the first triathlon I’ve done where I didn’t feel terrified at the start line. Progress.

On Monday I woke up and decided I was going to like swimming. After procrastinating I eventually made it to the pool and swam 2500 yards and didn’t dislike it. Turns out going to the pool with a positive attitude works wonders and by the end of the week I was excited to swim.

Pace-wise, I’m consistently hitting an average of 2:02/100 yards. A huge change from where I was at this time last year….as last year at this time I stopped swimming for a couple of months post Maine and when I came back in November at 2:20ish/100, lucky if I saw anything below 2:00/100 during any interval. This time? This time I’m regularly seeing some 1:5X/100, a few 1:4X and last week I saw a 1:37/100 for one of my intervals!! Consistency for the win! Excited to see times improve as training continues.

I also religiously continued doing home PT excercise for my IT band (think: clam shells with a band, shuffle walk with a band, planks, hip bridges, etc). I’m a little (okay, a lot) frustrated that my IT band decided to show its ugly side early on in the run during Lake Placid 70.3 but it happened and all I can do now is move forward in the healing process.

Coming soon….REV3 Williamsburg Olympic + Lake Placid 70.3 recaps, 2019 race plans, weekly training logs galore and some other posts. Stay tuned!


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