Lake Placid 70.3 Training Wrap Up

In 10 days I’ll be lining up at the start of my third half Ironman, Lake Placid 70.3. Training this summer was challenging. Between the oppressive heat and humidity, feeling really lonely in my training and (still) missing my dog, I never really felt like I got into a groove.

I just wasn’t feeling it. Because of the heat, a lot of my training was indoors, and it felt so isolating. Earlier this summer I found that I just don’t recover well from hot and humid workouts, so I stuck to the trainer and treadmill knowing it was not only better for the workout I was currently doing, but also for the next couple of days too. While it was great physically, mentally I just felt so alone. Maybe I’ll be a tougher athlete for it one day, but this summer the loneliness just wore me down and had me questioning if I even wanted to continue in this sport during some of the really low points (usually on the trainer). I had to dig really deep at times to remember why I love triathlon. Spoiler alert, I’m totally sticking with the sport and already have a couple of races selected for next season πŸ˜‰

my bestie this summer, the treadmill

On the last day in Seattle, I FINALLY had a really enjoyable run where I felt like myself again. This is the feeling I had been looking for since May.

happiest run this summer

Of course there were a couple of training sessions with friends at Lake Anna, my first century ride with coworkers and meeting up with teammates and friends at REV3 Williamsburg, which were so much fun. I’m someone who usually prefers working out alone because I like to stick to my plan but I’m learning that social training time is a good thing and would like to incorporate it into training more often next season.

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I’m excited for Lake Placid but also incredibly nervous because of the, oh, just 4000+ feet of climbing on the bike. This race is my goal race this season, not for time, but for the challenge of the climbing. I mean, if I can do this race I can have the confidence to do any race, right?

You can follow my Lake Placid adventures on Instagram + track me on race day on the Ironman tracker, I’m #837.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 7.41.29 AM

Thanks for reading!

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