LP 70.3: Day 49/48/47

Seven weeks to go!

7/23/18, 49 days out
Workout: Swim, 2400 yards
Weather: Cloudy, upper 70s, afternoon thunderstorms

I went to the pool with a “I love swimming” mentality and ya know what? I enjoyed my swim. Guess I’ll keep telling myself that until I actually really like swimming. To be clear, it’s not that I dislike it, it’s just my least favorite of the three sports probably because I’m not great at it…yet.

7/24/18, 48 days out
Workout: 30 min run, 1:30 bike
Weather: Rain, rain and more rain + thunderstorms

It was a trainer + treadmill day for me. Uneventful, boring. Just the way most training should be.

7/25/18, 47 days out
Workout: 50 min run ending with 6×30 sec hill repeats; swim
Weather: More RAIN…but not as much as the past few days

Treadmill run. Again. This rain needs to stop. It was boring, but I got it done.  I did not get my swim in, need to work on time management.

Speaking of time management, in order to get better at it I’m moving these recaps to Instagram.  Since I post most of my workouts there anyway, I’ll do more of a mini-blog instead of posting here and there. Time saver! Don’t worry, it won’t be a training highlight reel, it will definitely include the lowlights and alllll the boring work that goes into training. 

Thanks for reading!


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