LP 70.3: 51/50 Days

I woke up feeling like shit. Complete shit. I was sore, tired and felt like I could drink an entire pot of coffee-for the record, I ended up drinking a half a pot. The gloomy weather didn’t help. I took today as a much needed rest day and moved my long run to tomorrow.

I don’t miss many workouts, so when I take a rest day, I make it count. I took Cuey for a long walk then came home and had breakfast while I sat on the sofa and watched some of my favorite Food Network cooks: Ina and Giada.

After breakfast I meal planned, shopping my pantry/freezer then went to the grocery store for the few things I needed. I made tomato risotto + turkey meatballs for dinner for the week and energy bites for bike fuel.

I got my core workout in as well as a longer than usual yoga session later in the evening.

Hoping to wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed!

7/22/18, 50 days out
Workout: 1:30 run (moved from yesterday)
Weather: Cloudy, humid

I woke up feeling better, so after some tea and oatmeal I got my long run in. It was quiet, slower than usual and I almost cracked 10 miles.

I came home, showered, ate some eggs and now it’s off to work. Have a great Sunday and good luck to those racing Ironman Lake Placid today!

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