LP 70.3: 52 Days

7/20/18, 52 days out
Workout: 30 minute run, 3 hour bike with big gear intervals
Weather: per-fec-tion. Low humidity, partly sunny, low 80s

I started my day with the run. And holy shit I RAN. It was another one of those “ooooh this feels so good, I can’t wait till my next run” kind of runs. Once again I considered a marathon for a split second then came to my senses and remembered how much I love the shorter distances. I’ve been having a lot of those runs and I wish those feelings would transfer to the swim and bike…not loving either one of those lately.

It was a very challenging bike workout today. Three hours, all on the trainer. Got the work done but it was slow. I don’t feel confident in my hill climbing abilities lately, but I need to realize I still have several weeks to work on this and I know my coach can get me there.

Side note: I’ve finally found a replacement to my beloved Clifton 3’s!
MeetΒ Topo Athletic Fli-Lyte 2.


I was very hesitant to go back to a less cushiony shoe, especially since I’ve been running a maximal shoe since 2014, but I’m really glad I gave the Fli-Lyte’s a go. I started wearing them after realizing the Hoka Napali’s (a very close but not too close Clifton replacement) sole was a bit squishy for me after only 100-ish miles, I wasn’t getting that springy feeling when my foot pushed off the pavement. Last month, I googled what I was looking for in a shoe: a wider toe box and a 3-5 mm drop. Topo came up as a recommendation so I decided to give them a try. I had to go a half-size up to a 10.5 because my toe was just shy of hitting the end of the shoe in the 10s. Now that I have the correct size and have run about 30 miles in them it’s safe to say I’ve found a winner.

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