Feed The Triathlete: 7/11/18

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, so here’s a look at what’s on my plate lately. I’ve been making sure I am getting enough food in everyday and enjoying food, not seeing it as “good” or “bad,” but eating everything in moderation.

Breakfast (6:45a)
2 eggs w/ salsa
Sweet potatoes steamed then cooked in olive oil with a little salt and pepper

Run 30 minutes (10a)
about 8oz Skratch Lemons & Limes during run

Snack (post run, 11:30a-a little later than I wanted)
apple & peanut butter

Lunch (1p)
Turkey & swiss on whole wheat w/ mustard and lettuce
Carrot chips
A handful of regular chips
Polar Watermelon ‘Ade (fizzy water)

Work 2p-8p

Snack (spread out between 4p-7p at work)
cucumber, goat cheese and almonds
watermelon (about 1 cup)

Dinner (8:45p)
Leftover grilled pork chop + bbq sauce
Leftover squash & zucchini

Other than coffee, Skratch and Polar water, I really only drink water throughout the day. It usually totals between 90-110 oz, which seems like a lot but it’s really hot + humid in Virginia these days and I just want to stay hydrated.

And that’s it! I’ll try to be more consistent with posting these, especially as training really ramps up for Lake Placid 70.3.




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