LP 70.3: 62 Days

7/10/18, 62 days out
Workout: 60 min easy ride + 2000 yard swim (from yesterday)
Weather: Back to summer! 90s + humid + sunny

It was still in the upper 60s in the morning so I hooked up the beagle trailer to my commuter bike and did my easy ride with Cuey in tow. It was his longest ride and he did great–until he saw a squirrel and barked/howled for a good 2-3 minutes after we passed it. He loves those squirrels.Β  Also, FYI, towing 50-ish lbs of trailer and beagle makes a flat/slightly hilly trail feel like you’re climbing much larger hills. I’ll take it!

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 6.46.10 PM

I went to the pool around 3pm, the water was actually refreshing and I had a lane all to myself. 2000 yards in the bank, felt really good.




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