LP 70.3: 67/66/65 Days

7/5/18, 67 days out
Workout: 2000 yard swim, actual: nada
Weather: Hot/90s + thunderstorms

I was supposed to swim this morning before work BUT thunder every five minutes kept the pool closed. I planned to go after work, but after a very long, slow day at the bike shop (worked 9:30a-8p) all I wanted to do was come home, have a snack and go to sleep.

Also of note, it’s my last day of work before heading down to Williamsburg for REV 3 weekend!

7/6/18, 66 days out
Workout: rest
Weather: hot again, 90s + thunderstorms

Drove to Williamsburg, had lunch, checked into our cabin and chilled. Now that’s a rest day.

7/7/18, 65 days out
Workout: race prep-10 min swim, 40 min bike, 10 min run
Weather: perfect-upper 70s, sunny with a breeze

I’ll write more on the REV 3 weekend, but it was a great day. I met a bunch of C26 teammates, cheered on the sprint athletes, got an awesome pre-race workout in and soaked up the unseasonably cool July weather.  I would post some pictures but the internet at the campsite is a bit slow, but if you want to see the some REV 3 weekend action check out Instagram.Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 6.27.21 PMTomorrow is race day, I’ll check after I cross the finish line!

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