Eagleman: Everything But The Race

Eagleman 70.3 starts and finishes in Cambridge, an adorable little town located on the Choptank River in eastern Maryland. I really enjoyed my time there and look forward to heading back one day, especially to take on Eagleman again. Today I’m recapping everything but the race, if you came looking for my race recap, you can read that here.

Cambridge, you’re beautiful

I picked my husband up from the airport at 6:30am then we made our way to Cambridge. The nice thing about being on the road that early on a Friday in the DC area is that there is very little traffic, making the drive super easy.

Once over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, we make a couple of stops at some local bike shops, found the Ironman Village and then drove to our hotel since we had a few hours until packet pickup opened. We stayed at a Hampton Inn about 40 minutes east of Cambridge in a town called Fruitland. Once unpacked, we headed back to Cambridge making a stop at Rise Up Coffee for lunch. I devoured a Rise Up Burrito and a side of Skillet Hash Browns. It was SO much food….but….carbo load was in full effect!


We made it back to the Ironman Village, I picked up my race packet, browsed the expo and store then we headed back to the hotel.


We stopped again at Rise Up Coffee, where I got an iced coffee to kick off the day before heading back to Cambridge to get my final workout in before racking my bike. We got lucky and parked pretty close to transition, so while I was off doing a short ride + run Tyler chilled in the car.

makeshift transition area

After the workout, I racked my bike and did a practice swim in my swim skin because it was still questionable if the swim was going to be wetsuit legal on race day. I met a couple of Crushing Iron teammates throughout the day-it was nice to meet online friends in real life πŸ™‚

Tyler and I walked around the little shopping area of Cambridge and picked up a Christmas ornament, as we do everywhere we go. Everyone in the town was so welcoming and friendly, you can tell they take a lot of pride in their local race.

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On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at a farmer’s market to pick up a cantaloupe for my mom and visited with some goats! I just love goats!


The rest of the day was very low-key. Stayed at the hotel, ate lunch and dinner and went to bed early.

packing up all the things for race day

Race day!

After the race we walked back to the car and hit the road. We stopped at Hemingway’s Restaurant just before crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and had dinner with a view. I enjoyed an amazing crab cake with vegetables and not pictured, a piece of celebratory chocolate cake.

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Until next time…

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