LP 70.3: 73/72/71 Days

I’m a creature of habit and love routine. So when something interrupts that routine, it takes a couple of days to adjust. As happy as I am for Tyler to be home, it definitely takes a little adjustment having a non-triathlete in the house.

from Saturday’s run

6/29/18: 73 days out
So along with Thursday, Friday became a rest day. We were supposed to go to Gettysburg to get a long ride in but there was still a lot to be done around the house and we didn’t quite finish cooking from the day before. I had every intention of getting on the bike in the afternoon but should have known better than to do that. I’m a morning workout person through and through and by the time the afternoon hit I was not feeling a ride. Sigh. I should have just pushed through but I also wanted to spend time with my husband, so I chose to do that.

6/30/18: 72 days out
Workout: 1:30 run
Weather: 80 degrees/feels like 93 at 8am. So, in other words, FREAKING HOT.
I woke up yesterday feeling pretty down about my missed workouts on Thursday and Friday and decided no more. ALL green boxes for the next week (and of course beyond, but let’s take it in baby steps), no excuses. After walking the dog, I ate a couple of rice cakes and headed out. My husband ran the first 30 minutes with me then hopped on his bike to carry my water bottles so I had them about every mile or so. I took two rest breaks in the shade to get out of the sun and let my heart rate slow down a bit but overall it was a really good run ending with 8.53 miles.

7/1/18: 71 days out
Workout: 1 hr bike, 30 min run
Weather: Hotter than yesterday
Since I had to work from 10:30-5p at the bike shop, I did my ride on the trainer and run on the treadmill in the morning. Boring, yes, but safely out of the heat and it felt good to have my workouts done for the day.

How did was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “LP 70.3: 73/72/71 Days

  1. I keep telling myself this is the heat acclimation I’ve been wanting. Ugh.
    Do you like rice cakes as a pre workout food. I have been pretty bored with my old standbys and am looking for alternatives.


    1. Right? I usually love the heat but this is brutal-fingers crossed for a “cooler” race day. And yes, I do like rice cakes as a pre-workout food, I’ll bring my Feed Zone Cookbook to Williamsburg so you can browse the recipes πŸ™‚


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