Daily Training Log: Lake Placid 70.3

80 days. It seems pretty far off, but I know the time will fly by and race day will be here before I know it. Lake Placid 70.3 is what I would consider my “out of my comfort zone” race of the year because it’s a very hilly course and I’m a weak climber. Having a coach that has confidence that I can do it has boosted my confidence and I’m excited work hard toward reaching my goal.

I am trying something a bit different with my training log this time around. For the next 80 days, I’ll be posting my training on a daily basis. It’s my way of 1. keeping a training log outside of Training Peaks and 2. blogging because I love it. Posts will go live in the evening, as I’m using this writing as a “reflect on my day” tool. There will be days where I’ll have a lot to say, others not so much. I’ll share highs, lows and all the boring stuff in between.


6/22/18-Friday, 80 days out
Workout: 2 hour bike, 30 minute run
Weather: 75 degrees with heavy rain/thunderstorms all day

I’ve had a hard time really getting back into training since Eagleman. I’m doing the workouts, just not really enjoying it and here’s why: I’m obsessing over numbers on my freaking Garmin. It’s been hot here in Virginia, Monday we had a heat index of 110 degrees. Of course I know to decrease my effort when it’s super hot like that or I’m just asking for trouble. The problem is when I see an average pace of 10-12 mph on the bike or 10+ minute miles on my runs, I really get into my head and just want to give up on my workout completely. When I was running on Wednesday, I decided enough was enough, turned my Garmin off midway through and you know what? I ran by effort and started to enjoy the run.

When I got home, I decided to put my Garmin away for a while. And yes, the workout still happened if it’s not on Strava, recorded on your Garmin, or posted on Instagram. 

Since today’s weather was sh*t, it was an indoor training day. Two hours on the trainer followed by 30 minutes on the treadmill. Since the trainer and treadmill together are just mind-numbing, I broke it up by doing two sets of 60 minutes on the bike followed by a 15 minute run, putting my laundry in the dryer in between sets. It was quite enjoyable and productive.

Following the workout, I did Jasyoga 5-Minute Hip Flexor Reset.

Have a good evening!

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