LP 70.3: 74 Days

6/28/18, 74 days out Workout: 1:30 bike + makeup swim from yesterday, actual: REST Weather: H-O-T. Happy happy day! My husband is home from California until July 7th, so I’ll have a regular cycling partner for the next week πŸ™‚ I ended up having to go into work earlier to get some things done so … More LP 70.3: 74 Days

LP 70.3: 75 Days

6/27/18, 75 days out Workout: 50 minutes of running speed work, swim (moved due to thunderstorms) Weather: For the run-overcast + rain +humid, 70 degrees, afternoon thunderstorms Today I had a major case of run love. For the first time since early May, I enjoyed every single step from start to finish. My legs felt … More LP 70.3: 75 Days

LP 70.3: 77 Days

6/25/18, 77 days out Workout: 3000 yd swim (indoors) Weather: 79 degrees & sunny I ate dinner a little close to this swim and ended up getting stomach cramps about 2000 yards in. I got out and sat on the side of the pool for a few minutes then got back in and finished. It … More LP 70.3: 77 Days

LP 70.3: 78 Days

6/24/18 Workout: 90 minute run. Weather: 71 degrees, sunny, hot & humid Holy humidity. Run is done. The nice thing about an early Sunday morning run in my little town is that no one is up that early. I think one car passed me the entire 90 minutes. I was also treated to a gorgeous … More LP 70.3: 78 Days

LP 70.3: 79 Days

6/23/18, 79 days out Scheduled: 90 minute run, Actual: 60 minute bike (trainer) Weather: Rain + thunderstorms, again. During a break from the heavy rain, I walked Cuey. Little fella needs his exercise too! I really didn’t want to run on the treadmill, and since tomorrow doesn’t have any rain in the forecast, I decided … More LP 70.3: 79 Days

For Delilah.

On May 30th, my husband got a call from the vet that Delilah’s labs came back worse than they were when she was admitted for treatment. The day before, she had stopped eating again and wasn’t getting excited for walks. Her one working kidney was failing and sadly there was no of her improving, so … More For Delilah.