C26 Triathlon Camp Week

Before we get into a recap of last week, can we talk about yesterday’s Boston Marathon?! Des Linden for the WIN! SEVEN American women in the top ten! And triathlete Tim Don…coming back post neck fracture (after being hit by a car in Kona in October 2017) and ran a 2:49. If you are unfamiliar with his story, check it out here. Totally worth the read. Congratulations to EVERYONE who ran yesterday-you all are heroes and will continue to inspire runners everywhere daily.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 7.21.06 AM

What I felt good about: Climbing on the bike. It certainly wasn’t easy, but by day two on the Natchez Trace I was actually enjoying it. Definitely a confidence booster.
What could improve: Swimming. Swimming can always improve.
What I’m looking forward to: taking home everything I learned at camp and putting in the really hard work over the next several weeks leading up to Eagleman.

Kicked off the week with a 2800 yards on Monday. At camp, I got some really good instruction and feedback from my coach and other athletes at camp during the pool session. We also wetsuited-up and hit Anderson Road Beach for some chilly open water swimming. It was hard, but nice to get into the water outside this early in the season. I only used my Garmin for the pre/post swim skills time trial at the pool (pre-1:51, post-1:47!), so I’m not sure exactly how much I swam at camp.

Total: 2800 yds+

Easily my favorite sport this week! Just over 5500 feet (total over two days) of climbing on the Natchez Trace pushed me way way out of my comfort zone and at one point on the first day had me questioning why I signed up for Lake Placid later on this year. The second day was way better, I think part of it was knowing what to expect but the other part was knowing I was able to get it done the day before. Day three of camp brought a hard interval ride at the Lab (Cornelia Fort Airpark in Nashville) that was well within my comfort zone because it was flat…and I loved it.

Total: 79.2 miles

Running at camp was no joke. From the 20 minute run off the bike the first day after all the hills to all the hills at Percy Warner (700+ elevation gain over 5.5 miles) to the surprise 5K after the hard bike intervals at the Lab, all the running miles were challenging. At first, when coach said “go run a 5K-best effort” I thought, are you fucking kidding me?! I would not have pushed as hard on the bike intervals had I known…then while I was putting on my running shoes it clicked–I understood why it was a “surprise” and just ran….negative splits! 8:44, 8:40 and 8:28, ending with a time (26:38) that was faster than most of my previous standalone 5K times. Never would I have ever done that kind of effort on the bike at home knowing I had a run afterward…and now I know I can.

Total: 10.6 miles

Weekly Favorites

Crushing Iron camp. Surrounding myself with encouraging people who love triathlon as much as I do and putting in some really hard work was easily the highlight of my week–I mean, this camp is going to be one of the highlights of my year.  The energy there was so positive. There was no pressure to stick with the superfast group (omg some of these athletes can move) but I was able to push myself more than usual compared to when I’m working out alone. I definitely returned to Virginia with so much more–knowledge, friendships, motivation, confidence–than I left with. Totally looking forward to the 2019 camp 🙂

Stop by next Monday for the next weekly training update.

How did your week go? Any races coming up soon?

I’m wrapping up the week with Holly and Wendy!

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 7.30.37 AM

3 thoughts on “C26 Triathlon Camp Week

  1. Sounds like a rigorous yet fun camp! The Natchez Trace is no joke …hills upon hills. I’m actually doing the 50 mile ride at the Natchez Trace Century ride next month! Guess I need to dust my bike off and air up the tires. Lol


  2. Holy Cow….a fast 5K after a bike workout??? I’ve only done one du, and when we had to run the final 1.5 mile to the finish line (after 20 miles of hills), it felt like a death march LOL I was surprised I actually ran it much faster than what it FELT like I was running it though.


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