The Week I Swam Without Cursing

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What I felt good about: My new work schedule. Yes, I’m working more hours but the days off are exactly where I need them so my workout schedule didn’t have to change.
What could improve: While, I love my new schedule, it came with a slight adjustment in my wake up time. We’re back to summer hours at the bike shop so I found I need to wake up a bit earlier to get my workouts done on the days I work from 9:30a-8:30p. Also, I need to eat more on those full work days-just eating breakfast and lunch will certainly be a recipe for disaster as my training load increases.
What I’m looking forward to: C26 tri camp in Nashville!!!

I did a swim without cursing. Seriously, this is huge! I think I’ve finally found that sweet spot of actually enjoying swimming again–something I’ve been searching for since training restarted in November.

Theme of the week: trainer! It’s struggling to get to springtime here in Virginia and I stuck to riding on the trainer. Friday was gorgeous, so I moved the trainer outside and enjoyed an hour of sunshine 🙂 You may be asking ‘but why not just ride outside?’ Well, I have to drive five miles to get to a safe place to ride. That means packing up all the gear and driving a ridiculously short distance to the W&OD, a local multi-use path. Then I get to dodge runners, walkers, horses, other cyclists and once I get to a certain point, lots of stop and goes on the trail. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great trail to have access to and I’m not complaining about any of the other trail users AT ALL, but it’s just not an effective bike session when you have to stop and go, slow down, etc. I’m not that douchebag triathlete who blows by horses (they ALWAYS have the right of way) or a kid learning how to ride without training wheels. So, for now, I will happily get my miles in on the trainer. I also used a new (to me) app called Rouvy and it blows Zwift out of the water, in my opinion. It’s got REAL COURSES people! I rode part of the Kona course on Friday and part of the Eagleman course on Saturday.

Once again, running was my favorite of the three sports this week.

Weekly Favorites
Rouvy! See cycling recap for details.

Oh don’t mind me, just riding on the Queen K!

Smashfest Queen aero suit. I wore it on my long trainer ride on Saturday and it’s seriously the one of the best kits I’ve ever worn. It doesn’t budge, the chamois is comfortable and the fabric is amazing. I’m only two rides and one run in, so once I’ve worked out in it and washed it several times I’ll write a full review, but so far so good!


Stop by next Monday for the next weekly training update.

How did your week go? Any races coming up soon?

I’m wrapping up the week with Holly and Wendy!

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9 thoughts on “The Week I Swam Without Cursing

  1. I never am excited about swimming, which is why I don’t tri. 😉 I totally understand why a trainer would be better for training. You must be further out west than I am because I think I’ve only seen a horse on the W &OD once. But, runners, strollers, walkers, dogs, roller-bladers — those are par for the course and definitely require caution.


  2. Haha–when I was cycling for cross training, I rode all over the world. Pretty sure I rode the Queen K with a bunch of cyclists!

    Have a great week and thanks for linking!


  3. Way to go! I know what you mean. There’s a cool running trail near by but sometimes I just give in and run circles in my neighborhood so I don’t deal with people lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Looks like a great week! I don’t think I would ever get an outdoor bike because I feel like there is nowhere to ride it. I use my spin bike which works well enough. Its nice that you can bring your trainer outside!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really want to ride outside and we have so many nice, hilly roads right outside my door but they are narrow and drivers aren’t always the friendliest. Thank goodness for bike trainers!


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