Feed The Triathlete: March

After years of unhealthy dieting (I’ve done way too many failed Whole 30s than I’m want to admit), I have happily developed more of an intuitive eating/moderation approach to food and can enjoy eating without feeling guilty for it. For someone who loves to cook and bake, this is an incredible feeling to finally experience for the first time since probably before middle school.

One of my goals this year to get in enough quality meals–not just resorting to convenience foods that have little to no nutritional value or worse, skipping meals because I’m busy at work and lose track of time, forgetting to eat. To help with this, I make a weekly meal plan and prepare the majority of my food at home, often in big, freezable batches to have on hand for weeks that are just too busy…or let’s be honest, when I’m just too lazy to cook. I also eat pretty much the same thing everyday, more or less, depending on my workouts. Keeping a few bars on hand helps in a pinch when I just can’t sit down at work for a meal, my favorite is Skratch Labs Anytime Bar in Chocolate Chips & Almonds.

Please note, I go by how I feel, not by calorie or macro count and what makes me feel good may not make you feel good. If I’m feeling extra tired, I’ll take a look at what I’m eating and ask “am I eating enough?”, “am I eating too much junk?” or “am I getting enough sleep?”

This is NOT meant to be a diet plan/medical advice*, just a peek into what an average age group triathlete eats.

Monday, March 12th, 2018
Workout: Swim, 2800 yards, 6:30am
Work: 10:30a-8:15p

I like routine. Eating meals around the same time everyday, eating the same thing almost everyday works really well for me. Mondays complicate that because I get one lunch break throughout the day at work sometime in the afternoon, usually around 2p. Depending on how busy we are, I try to fit in a quick dinner around 6p, usually while doing some closing paperwork, but sometimes that doesn’t happen until I get home around 8:30p. Luckily (for me, not the bike shop), it was a slow day and I was able to eat dinner at 6:30p which was great because I was SO hungry…there’s something about swim days that do that to me.

Before breakfast (at 5:15a):
A cup of coffee, black

Breakfast (at 6a):
Picky Oats, How ‘Bout Dem Apples
Seriously, for someone who hates oatmeal this was awesome and was good pre-workout fuel.

Post-swim: Second breakfast (8:45a)
It’s cold & calling for snow…that means a long, slow day at the bike shop. Another cup of coffee it is!
I also had two eggs with peppers and sweet potatoes…devoured before taking a picture.

Right before leaving for work (9:30a):
Can’t. Get. Warm. I treated myself to a cup of hot cocoa and that did the trick.

Snack (around 11:30a):
Skratch Anytime Energy Bar (Chocolate Chips & Almonds)

Lunch (around 1:30p):
Triathlete Bowl

IMG_5719 2

Snack (around 4p):
Sweet mini peppers


Total comfort food dinner, leftovers from the weekend: Chili topped with cornbread.

What does a day on your plate look like?

*If you are looking for medical or diet advice, I recommend chatting with your doctor or a registered dietitian. 



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