The Power of #HitReset

The power of hit reset. To my surprise, it’s so much more than injury prevention. I gained confidence…which that led to I eliminating thoughts of “I can’t,” replacing them with “I can & will” and eventually…”I did.”

my huge 2017 “I DID”

As 2017 comes to a close, I wanted to write about #hitreset365 and how it’s benefitted me throughout the year. I want to thank Erin Taylor and the Jasyoga team for providing athletes with this incredible resource, making it possible for those who think they don’t have the time or the patience (**raises hand**) to get in an effective recovery.

Here are my thoughts about doing at least five minutes of recovery a day.

In the end, it was so much more than a social media challenge. Sure, when I first started I had this grand idea of posting my reset every single day for 365 days, mainly for accountability…hence the hashtag #hitreset365. However, in September I took a necessary short social media break and noticed I felt different after practicing. It felt more meaningful when I wasn’t setting up for a picture afterward. I was able to reflect on what I had just done and visualize both the physical and mental benefits. A small part of me felt guilty for not posting, but that guilt left me completely after–surprise! a mediation–where I repeated to myself “this is for me, and for no one else.” I knew it was the right decision.

Side note: does this mean I’ll never post about yoga/recovery on social media again? Of course not. I just won’t do another posting streak like I did this year 😉

Mantras are little miracles. Early on, I used the times I did legs up the wall to read and do homework, but now I use the time in a different way: to repeat mantras to myself. I never really used them in the past, or at least not regularly. Here are a few I used this year:  I am stronger than {fill in the blank}. My big ‘stronger thans’ this year were: hills, shingles, the Atlantic (during my Maine 70.3 swim).  I can do hard things. I am, here now (Jasyoga race day meditation). I am allowed to feel {strong, smart, etc}.

Lastly, it would be silly to not mention this, since injury prevention was my reason to start: I have remained injury free throughout the year. I credit consistency. Of course in training, but to be honest I credit consistency in recovery this year. In the past, I’ve been consistent with my training and still suffered overuse injuries such as IT band syndrome. My primary reason for starting daily resets was to force recovery, a little bit at a time….now it’s part of my daily routine and couldn’t imagine not doing it.

deep relaxation from earlier this year

Hit Reset by Erin Taylor
Work In by Erin Taylor (new book! I got this one for Christmas, super-excited to use one this during the 2018 season!!)

It started with five minutes a day. Challenge yourself, you can do it.


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