Back At It

After Maine I took eight weeks off from any sort of swim-bike-run training. Physically, I felt fine. Mentally, not so much. I was in a tough place, right between needing a break from any sort of structure but felt a bit lost not really knowing what to do but wanting to do something. Thank goodness for daily yoga because it helped fill a part of that training void. Toward the end of this break I was really itching to get back to a structured plan but had no idea where to begin since I had nothing to train for.

Enter: Coach Robbie!

I first “met” Robbie when I started listening to the Crushing Iron podcast early last year. Week after week, every Monday and Thursday, I listened to some of the best (and most entertaining, IMO) triathlon advice out there. Eventually decided I wanted to be coached by him for my 2018 season not only for his knowledge/love of the sport but also because he believes in balance of life and sport.

Fast forward to last week: I had my initial coaching call, got my training plan for the next two weeks and feel that all is right in my little triathlon world.

some run love yesterday.

I officially started training this week and one thing I’ll say is that I never want to take that much time off again. It feels good to be back at it, but I’ve definitely lost some fitness. Instead of just giving up and half-assing it (and eating all the holiday cookies) until January, I’m actually wanting to put in the work now so come January/February I’ll be fitter and ready to put in the reeeeally hard work.

And with that, here’s to a strong off/pre-season!



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