RVA 8K: The Not Training Edition

Well…I may have jumped the gun on my fall race goals.

Confession: I may have–may have–done a bit too much, too soon during week one.  No, I’m not injured, I just think I’m not mentally ready to start structured training again. Maybe soon, maybe not but for now I feel like just running, not training.

During week one, I ran five times. I’m definitely not a five-day-a-week runner–this has only resulted in injury and burnout. Usually four days of running is my max (as my current plan prescribes) and three days seems to be optimal especially if I am swimming or cycling aka triathlon training.

All of this resulted in ALL THE REST DAYS. Yikes. But I had made a rule to listen to my body this year and the body wanted rest, so rest is what I gave it.

I took a weekend trip out to southern Utah to hike at Zion National Park with my husband it was the best. No training, no Garmin, just walking in the wilderness amongst some huge red rocks. More on that later this week.

This is what happy looks like.

Here’s a look at my week–aka ALL THE RECOVERY.

Monday rest/Jasyoga-full body reset
Tuesday rest/Jasyoga-recovery meditation
Wednesday rest/Jasyoga-recovery boost for runners
Thursday 30 minutes of running-no Garmin, slowish/heavy legs pace-maybe 3-ish miles?/Pre-run warm up w/ Alysia Montaño (Jasyoga)
Friday Hip reset w/ Alysia Montaño (Jasyoga)
Saturday hiking at Zion National Park, roughly 10 miles. Legs up the wall.
Sunday hiking at Zion National Park, roughly 5 miles. Legs up the wall.

Gear of the week: Darn Tough Good Witch Crew socks. I wore them on both Saturday and Sunday’s hikes, they didn’t (and still don’t) stink and my feet are blister free.

So, you may (or may not be) be wondering-what’s my plan? I’m still running the Richmond 8K, but I’m not going to follow any sort of training plan. I was a bit ambitious with my race goal of a PR, but who knows it can happen, just won’t be expecting it.

How did your training go last week?
How did you know when to start jumping back into training after a big goal race?



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