Richmond 8K Training: Week 1

For some reason, the first week of training for anything is always so exciting. You get to set new goals and have a fresh start. Pair that with feeling with fall weather and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for some serious run love.

feeling that #runlove

Ah, run love. It went missing sometime during RnR DC half training. I don’t know, I just got so bored during training. Note to self, if I do a stand alone half marathon again find some friends to run with! Luckily, run love was found again during half Ironman training (thank you swimming and cycling aka boredom destroyers) and never really lost it again. The original plan was to take two full weeks off after Maine but after a full week I was itching to run. I made it to 10 days of rest (except doing yoga and a lot of dog walking) before deciding it was time to lace up my Hokas and hit the pavement again.

My first run back was 20 minutes long, more of a “just get the legs moving again” than anything else. I wore my Garmin but kept my long sleeve covering it (yes! I ran in long sleeves!! YAY for FALL), so really I just ran by feel and had I known my pace was below 9 minute miles I would have definitely slowed down. It was nice to feel my running legs again, not my bike followed by run legs.

Most of my runs were at more of a controlled pace. I didn’t want to do too much/go out too hard too fast so I just kept it between a 9-10 minute/mile pace.

quiet morning on the W&OD

I did my first speed workout in months. It was intervals of 2 minutes hard, 4 minutes easy and it was definitely challenging. I kind of forgot what it felt like to do something besides a “steady pace” so this run was a reminder that I have a long road ahead of me to get some speed back., but I’m ready to work.

I plan to add in one day of cycling because 1. why not? and 2. it’s great cross-training for runners and for me, it’ prevents boredom. It’s just an easy ride on my gravel bike or mountain bike and I’m only going out for a set amount of time (not done this week due to heavy rain). I kept up with my #hitreset365 challenge and added in two days of running specific strength training  and finally core work every other day.

Here’s a quick rundown of the week:
Monday 30 min easy (3.39)
Tuesday 50 min easy (5.34)
Wednesday scheduled bike ride–not done due to weather
Thursday 51 min speedwork, 5 min warm up walk, 10 min slow run followed by 2 min hard, 4 min easy intervals (5.41)
Friday 51:16 (5.25) Humidity returned, it was a tough run.
Saturday 27:12 (3.14) Ran with some fast women around Capitol Hill before my Coeur event at Summit to Soul. I have a feeling this was their easy pace, but it was a great feeling to be able to keep up!
Sunday rest

Gear of the week: Oiselle Rogas. After a summer of wearing spandex all the time, it was nice to regularly run in some looser fitting shorts.

First post 70.3 run mileage (two runs): 5.68
First full week mileage: 22.5
Total Richmond 8K training mileage: 28.18

What are you currently training for? Who is running the Richmond Marathon/Half/8k?

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