Peak Week #2-Maine 70.3 Update

The second of three weeks in my peak training block started strong then ended with missing a long run and a swim. Physically my body is tired. Picking up extra shifts due to lack of staffing at the bike shop hasn’t helped, especially since it’s hard to get in a meal there on the weekends while it’s so busy. A Clif protein bar is not a great meal replacement, and three bites of salad is not a meal.  At least I’m able to hydrate and from this week until race day I’m back to my regular schedule. Mentally I’m feeling pretty ‘meh’ and more frequently finding myself saying “I just want this race to be over.”

On a more positive note, I had some really good swims and runs last week.

Swim 5300 yards
Swimming has been feeling like I wish it felt earlier in the season-enjoyable but still challenging and I get a sense of accomplishment when I’m finished, a feeling I only used to get with running. Consistency is paying off!

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.03.26 AM

Bike 76.4 miles
In a word, cycling lately has been rough. I’m not sure what it is, I’m just not feeling it. It’s likely due to the saddle sores that I need to let heal before doing another long ride. The upside is that the Specialized Power saddle is a winner. It didn’t give me any more saddle sores and actually felt comfortable for two of my rides last week (the third was done on my road bike at my group ride). I drove to Gettysburg with the intent of riding 3 1/2 hours outside on the nice smooth roads of the park for my long ride of the week. Just over two hours in, the sky got really dark and the thunder and lightning started. Luckily I was  just finishing up the second loop (only two-ish miles from the parking lot) so I got back to my car and on the road right before the storm really started. I drove back home and immediately got on the trainer to finish my ride. Unfortunately, about 30 minutes in I started feeling really shaky and nauseous with a little blurred vision when I looked up at the Zwift screen. I made it about four more minutes before getting of the bike and heading straight to the bathroom. Let’s just say puke and rally is not for me. In hindsight, I probably should have come home, had a light lunch then got on the trainer.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.00.58 AM
some of the ladies on my group ride ❤

Thankfully, cycling ended on a high note last week with my Saturday morning group ride. We went 15 miles (the longest distance some of these women have ever gone!), I didn’t think about training the entire time and it was just really enjoyable to just go ride.

Run 15.1 miles
Oh running, you have always been my favorite. Tuesday was the best, a 60 minute run that I decided to do after work. It was pretty humid when I started and then it started pouring rain for about 30 minutes. I LOVE a good run in the rain, especially in the summer. Since I missed my transition run after my long ride on Wednesday I squeezed it in between group ride and work on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.05.19 AM
so happy to get my transition run and feel good during it in on Saturday

This week will be better. I have an open water swim date on Wednesday at Lake Anna with my friend Laura, and training with friends > training alone at this point.

Two training-heavy weeks down, one to go….onward!

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