Peak Week #1-Maine 70.3 Update

This week went a bit better, energy-wise. I made sure I at least had a snack at work and got my workouts done in the morning so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting them in after work. I also feel like I got enough sleep. It’s hard because it limits talking to my husband (he’s three hours behind me-so he’s still at work when I’m getting ready for bed) in the evening but I guess that’s just the way it’s going to be until after Maine. Triathlon can be a very selfish sport at times.

Swim: 7600 yards
This was the biggest swim week I’ve ever had. It started on Monday with a race simulation swim (2100 yards = almost 1.2 miles), which I was glad I did when I was well-rested. Knowing I can swim the distance definitely boosted my confidence a bit.

FullSizeRender 10
outdoor swims are the best

Bike: 43.4 miles
Two things this week: mountain (trail) biking is so much fun, and I need to change the saddle on my tri bike. I bought my very first mountain bike, a Specialized Epic, a couple of weeks ago and I finally got it built and ready to ride. One of my bike mechanic friends that works at the shop took me out to a very beginner-friendly trail where we rode three loops (about three miles) and I loved it and can’t wait to get back out there after Maine! I counted this as one of my rides for the week, which is why my mileage is so low–but trust me the day after it felt like I had gone much further/longer–where did those muscles come from?!

post ride/pre hose down

As for the tri bike saddle issue…the Bontrager saddle that came with my bike was surprisingly comfortable, until the mileage started to go up over 40 miles. I feel like I tapered up appropriately, but toward the end of the last two long rides I just could not get comfortable and ended up with some saddle sores. So I swapped it out for the saddle that was on my old bike, the Adamo PL 1.0. Holy ouch. After taking a few courses on saddles through work, it’s definitely too wide for me. The last 30 minutes of my trainer ride on Thursday was all kinds of painful and I actually had to stand up and spin for the last 10 minutes. Speaking of the trainer, I didn’t quite get the mileage I was used to for riding 3 hours and 15 minutes BUT I did finally get a continuous ride without stopping and I’m confident if I were outside the mileage would have been much more than 40. I ended up cancelling my group ride due to rain and just ran out of time, so I did miss one ride…but probably for the best so my saddle sore can heal up. I have one more saddle I already own that my manager recommended–the Specialized Power saddle…..Hopefully third time’s a charm?

Run: 22.2 miles
Running started out a bit rough on Monday with a very hot 40 minute run. I was half-assed hydrated and I ran in 90 degrees in full sun, making for a miserable run. Though it wasn’t a great performance by any means, it definitely helped with some mental toughness. I ran by my house at the 29 minute marker with the decision to just stop because what was the point in continuing a shitty run…but I didn’t. I kept going, telling myself I wouldn’t just stop during a race so why stop now. I call that a win. On Wednesday, it was 59 degrees when I started my run and what a difference (obviously). I ran almost one full mile more on a hillier route and it felt like a piece of cake. I had a moment of ‘wtf have I gotten myself into’ after my transition run off the long ride on Thursday. I ran just over three miles in and couldn’t stop thinking about how I’m going to manage another 10 miles…I was spent…mentally. Thank you for all of the virtual pep talks on Instagram that day, you all definitely lifted me out of a dark place ❤

post run Thursday-physically okay…briefly mentally destroyed

This week is a busy one–it’s the second of three peak weeks, I (stupidly) picked up two extra shifts at the store and I’m co-hosting a Triathlon 101 event at Summit to Soul in DC on Tuesday (tomorrow)—-> local ladies just starting out/curious in triathlon should come out, it’s a fun chat sponsored by Coeur Sports about all things triathlon!

*****UPDATE*****The tri 101 clinic has been rescheduled to 9/16 @ 9am. 

Details here —>

What are you currently training for? 

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