So Tired, So Hungry: Maine 70.3 Training Update

Over the past two weeks I’m noticing is that I am feeling strong through Thursday then fade. Fast. Feeling that tired is not enjoyable nor is seeing red boxes on Training Peaks, but I finally figured out what’s going on: I’m not eating enough. Typically, I’m a three meals a day + maybe one snack person, and on workdays I almost always end up skipping a meal. Which means I am definitely not eating enough to fuel my activity level. So this week, I’m going to pack a small meal that can be eaten throughout the work day when I get a chance to sneak off the sales floor.

Swim 3300 yards
Oh swimming, I think I’m actually starting to like you. I mean, after my long run I planned to just jump in the pool to cool off but I ended up doing an untimed 1000 yards. Also, after enjoying an outdoor swim, I treated myself to a 10-punch pass to the outdoor pool for the last few weeks of training due to the simple fact that being outside > being inside.

post-swim relaxation

Bike 65.8 miles
My long ride of the week was particularly challenging mostly due to the heat, but I got it done with a couple of shade breaks in the last 10 miles and was happy with my time for the most part. I’m thankful there are water fountains every few miles on the eastern part of the trail because I ended up need to refill a couple of times. Changing it up this week with a trip to Antietam National Battlefield for some riding that doesn’t involve stopping at a road crossing every couple of miles and a change of scenery. Don’t get me wrong, we’re so lucky to have the W&OD Trail for cycling in Northern Virginia but sometimes the constant stop and go at the road crossings get to be frustrating.

W&OD Trail near Vienna

I skipped one of my rides due to a painful saddle sore post long ride (sorry, TMI). A warm compress did the trick and I was able to comfortably lead my group ride on Saturday, though I didn’t take any chances and wore cycling shorts and rode my road bike with my dreamy Specialized Oura saddle.

Run 15.4 miles
Thank goodness I’m a morning person. The humidity + temps in the 90s last week was insane. This is about the time of year I’m asking myself “is it October yet?” Due to air quality warnings and the “feels like” 112 degrees, my long run was done on the treadmill.

I decided to skip the Twilighter 5K, did Jasyoga meditation for better sleep and was asleep the race even started. I was so tired I slept in until 6am Sunday morning. Lesson learned: signing up for a random 5K in the middle of half Ironman training was probably not the greatest idea.

Tracking my amazing Coeur teammates at Ironman Lake Placid yesterday lit a huge fire under me and I’m looking forward to putting in some long training hours over the last five (!!) weeks of training.  The next three weeks are going to be my biggest training weeks ever and I’d be lying if I said my looking at my Training Peaks schedule didn’t freak me out a little bit. I know it will all be okay:  just do the training, run my race, have fun and look forward to a yummy post-race lobster roll or two.

Looking forward to a new week, cycling in a new area and cooler, less humid weather! Onward!

Also, local DMV residents: I’m hosting a Coeur Sports Triathlon 101 Clinic at Summit to Soul in DC on August 1st at 6:30pm. Bring your questions about triathlon and learn more about this amazing sport!



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