Quick Check In!

I can’t believe it’s already REV3 Williamsburg race weekend! Tomorrow I’m racing the Olympic distance, which happens to be my first tri of the year!


I had a blast spectating today and will share all the REV3 fun next week, but first….

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a training update, because well school, work and training take priority to the blog, but since I’m hanging out in my cabin trying to stay cool before tomorrow’s race (and actually have a good internet connection!) I thought I would get a small one written.

cycling in gettysburg 

Things I’ve learned over the past several weeks of training:

  1.  Eating enough is important. So is sleep. For a few weeks I just wasn’t recovering well. I started keeping a food log for few days to get a ballpark range of how many calories I was eating and found I was eating far too little for my activity level. My wonderful husband made me a ton of freezer meals while he was home, so all I have to do is thaw and dump into the crockpot. Super easy, and I’ll do a post on meal prep/eating soon. Same with sleep. I was going to bed later (husband 3 hours behind my time and I like to talk to him!) and still waking up around 5am. Nope, that’s not going to work. So we worked out a phone schedule.
healthy freezer-crockpot meals

2. I LOVE being on the bike. It’s easily becoming my favorite sport. Maybe it’s because I work in a bike shop and I’m around bikes all the time, or maybe it’s because my bike actually fits(!) now, but I need no motivation to get out the door or on my trainer when it comes to the bike.

my still-needs-a-name trek speed concept

3. Swimming needs to be done in the morning, or else I won’t do it. That’s all I have to say about that.

4. I probably should have hired a coach for tackling a 70.3, but it wasn’t in the budget for 2017–and that’s okay, I’m getting by and I’m fully confident I’ll finish my first half ironman within the allotted time. It’s just that I like data feedback/explanation of said feedback (it’s a huge motivator). And sometimes, just sometimes I could use a kick in the ass when I’m having a ‘whoa is me’ moment.

5.Continuing my #hitreset365 streak is a great way to make sure I recover, even if it is just five minutes of legs up the wall…it makes a huge difference for me!

outdoor studio is where it’s at

6. I’m getting closer, but I’m still learning how to be in the moment. I am where I am, and I just need to own that. Sometimes it’s easy to lose focus and start planning my next race, especially now that my husband is in California and I have a whole new slew of races to choose from. I just need to remind myself that the prize this year is the Maine 70.3 finish line, and I need to keep my eyes on it.

7. Next year, regardless of what distance I decide to tackle….sign up for an earlier triathlon instead of waiting until July to get my first of the season in. I’m definitely having some pre-race jitters-a bit more than usual-because I’m not 100% certain where my race fitness is and wanted to find out before now. But it is what it is and I still have seven weeks till Maine. A ton can happen between now and then!

That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll manage my time a bit better and be back with some semi-regular 70.3 training updates! It’s time to get my race gear together, do my yoga, eat some dinner and get to bed early, because 4am comes super early!

see you tomorrow, finish line!


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