Favorite Podcasts (2017)

I haven’t done a podcast roundup in a while (or maybe not even ever on this blog), and with so many out there to choose from, I thought I would share a few of my favorites. Don’t worry, they aren’t all triathlon-related 😉

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast. Mike and Coach Robbie take a no-BS approach to triathlon training, which is great for beginner triathletes but I think even seasoned triathletes could learn a thing or two from these guys.
The episode that got me hooked? How to Not Suck at Swimming Part 1 (note: because of this podcast, I suck a little less at swimming now!!)

Run, Selfie, Repeat. Kelly Roberts is the host of this real AF podcast. I joined a bit late in the game to this podcast so I have a lot of catching up to do (she’s already 42 episodes in), but luckily most are less than 30 minutes long and that makes for the perfect commute-to-work listen. After listening, don’t be surprised if you decide you’re going to chase down one of your big, scary dreams and actually put a plan into action.
The episode that got me hooked? Episode 40: How Badly Do You Want It?

S-Town. By now, you’ve probably heard of S-Town, if not come out from under that rock. I was initially interested because I was a Serial addict and I like true crime stories. Without giving anything away, it has the same feel as Serial but is totally different. It’s impossible to not get sucked in.
The episode that got me hooked? Chapter 1

The Kona Edge. Brad, based in South Africa, talks to triathletes from all over the world who have made it to the Ironman World Championships in Kona. I really like the format of the Kona Edge: he does a longer “how you got to Kona” episode then invites each athlete back for shorter (like less than 10 minutes) episodes to discuss tips for swim/bike/run/nutrition/etc.
The episode that got me hooked? Hmmm, that’s a tough one, because I really love all of the “how they got there” episodes. The one where Brad interviewed Jacqui Giuliano is one I listened to recently, so I’ll list that one.

What is your favorite podcast?

Linking up with Patty, Erika and Marcia today for Tuesday on the Run.

16 thoughts on “Favorite Podcasts (2017)

    1. The first episode I listened to was on the way to the pool…and I sat in the parking lot for the final 15 minutes of it because I was so into it, haha!


  1. I honestly haven’t really gotten into podcasts but I know I need to check them out! And yes, I’m living under a rock, haha.


    1. Haha, it took me awhile to really get into podcasts! I got into them because I was tired of listening to the news and I’m not a huge music person (unless I’m running).


  2. I always listened to podcasts while training but due to my injury, I haven’t been keeping up! I definitely have to check out Kelly Robert’s and S-Town … which I must admit to never hearing about. Crawling out from underneath my rock now!

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. I’m the opposite-I listed to podcasts in my downtime and commute to work and since I’ve had a lot of it lately, I’ve been able to catch up 🙂


  3. I so agree on S-Town, you just can’t put the damn thing down! I finished in like 2 days!
    Since then I’ve been listening to true crime podcasts too! Currently listening to CaseFile: Case 51 about an Alabama couple who spend their honeymoon diving the Great Barrier Reef. I won’t give it away but one of them does not come back.


  4. Do you like true crime. I didn’t used to but I really like My Favorite Murder. I listen to many podcast but this is my current favorite. It’s two women who each tell a true crime story each week. They shot to the top podcasts like overnight.


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