Focusing on the Positive

Since I had to stop my workouts due to a case of shingles, I’ve had some free time on my hands. To avoid many “whoa is me” moments, I’ve focused on the positive: I can do so many things with all of this free time that I wouldn’t regularly do!

Blogging. This one is obvious as I’ve actually blogged two days in a row. I truly enjoy it and intend on finding the time to squeeze in a couple of posts per week going forward. I started carrying a little notepad at work so I could write down ideas/drafts when it’s slow, so hopefully that will help!


Plan out the rest of my season. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I will not be racing the Jamestown Olympic tri due to lack of preparation. Can I “get through it?” Absolutely, but it certainly wouldn’t be the confidence building race I want it to be. Coupled with the time and money spent to get down there I’m just not sure it would be worth it and the weekend would be better spend doing what’s on my training schedule–a 2 1/2 ride followed by a 20 minute run + my women’s group ride.

Speaking of training schedule, I also decided to “start over” with Maine. Since shingles takes 3-4 weeks to resolve (with some residual nerve pain possible), that puts me right around a starting time of the weeks of May 15/May 22, giving me at least 14 weeks of solid training. Since I have a strong running base, I decided 14 weeks is plenty, so my training plan will start on May 22. I actually bit the bullet and purchased one on Training Peaks (more on that in a future post). Until then, I plan to get back into the pool as soon as I can, hopefully start cycling again later this week and continue walking fast outside until I’m scabbed over completely so the sweat doesn’t irritate my rash. Whew. That was a mouthful.

As for the rest of the season (post half Ironman), I want to do a couple of fall/winter 5K’s to work on my speed–anyone have any favorites in the Northern Virginia/DC area?

Write out all of my swim workouts. I wrote each workout on a 4×6 index card with a big black marker. Sound like a boring way to spend a Saturday night? You betcha, but it will totally be worth it when training starts.

all 40 swim workouts on my schedule

Organized my messy workout clothing drawers. Time-consuming BUT it will totally be worth it to be able to find my clothes on those mornings I just don’t want to go run/ride the trainer.

FullSizeRender 10
it looks like a lot, but aside from my work polo and cargo pants, this is my daily wardrobe 🙂

Started planning my 2018 season….it’s never too early, right? My first race of the year is the Death Valley 10K in February and I’ve got a huge goal for it…one I think might require the assistance of a coach. If anyone has recommendations for a running coach, please let me know! I plan to start training in mid-to-late October to ensure I’m recovered from the half Ironman and as far as the coach he/she doesn’t need to be local to me, I’m good with virtual coaching. I just want to have the ability to communicate and not have a training plan I can pull out of Runner’s World.

So, what do you do with your down time?

Edited to add: I’m linking up for the first time with Amanda at Running With Spoons for Thinking Out Loud this week. 

8 thoughts on “Focusing on the Positive

      1. Seriously, Rachel really listens. I’ve worked with a coach previously who just didn’t seem to get it when I said the workouts were too hard.

        She’s a great cheerleader.

        I’m very self motivated, so I can’t really speak to that part, but I’m sure she’d be great at that, too.

        And she coached me to a PR in a surprisingly short amount of time, too.

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  1. I’ve worked with Glen and Lindsay at Out for a Run ( I believe). They are awesome.

    Also, shingles…UGH!!! Hope you are back in the game soon!


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