Let The 70.3 Adventure Begin

Now that my spring races are behind me, I’m ready to focus fully on Maine 70.3 training. Officially, I started training for Maine a few weeks ago, but with RnR DC racing + recovery and prepping for the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler (which I didn’t do-I switched to the 5K) triathlon training didn’t seem like a priority.

To be honest, I think I got a little burned out from RnR DC training. Toward the end of training, I was still enjoying running BUT I got super bored with “just” running especially since the weather was unseasonably perfect for cycling outside. I wanted so badly to just go ride my bike instead of running my five-miler but knew I needed to get the running mileage in to be prepared for the half marathon. I have no regrets training for and racing RnR DC because it kept me active throughout the winter and it skyrocketed my running confidence to another level.

But now, now I get toΒ spend all spring and summer doing what I love-swimming, biking and running, focusing on my big goal:Β crossing the finish line of a 70.3. Along the way, I have two Olympic distance races planned, Jamestown in June and Williamsburg in July.

I’ll post random training updates throughout the season (likely monthly) as I’m not trying to get caught up in writing the perfect weekly training update. To follow my day-to-day training, you can catch me on Instagram.

Any training tips for this 70.3 newbie?
What are you currently training for?

6 thoughts on “Let The 70.3 Adventure Begin

  1. Do you have a coach Stacey? That really helped me in training for my first 70.3 and 140.6…my coach gave me focus, helped keep me motivated, and took the guess work out of setting up my training plan.


    1. I wish! A coach is actually not in the budget for this year-big career changes for by myself and my husband and his may require a move across the country. Definitely next year though πŸ™‚

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