#hitreset 365, 90 Days In

At first, I thought doing five minutes a day of Jasyoga resets or legs up the wall wouldn’t make a significant difference. However, after three months of practice I couldn’t imagine not setting aside the time to hit reset.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 7.44.58 PM

Here’s why:

For the very first time I trained for and crossed the finish line of a half marathon injury free. Lucky number 13? No, no luck here. Major credit goes to being intentional about recovery. In the past I would maybe foam roll once or twice a week, but nothing consistent. It’s incredible how spending a small amount of time each day on recovery hand have such game-changing results! Additionally, knowing I can do the distance injury free is a major confidence booster going into half ironman training.

#hitreset moment:

Turning negatives into positives. As I mentioned before, I’m gaining some mental clarity/strength. This is resulting in more positive thinking. During RnR DC, which is a rather hilly race, I started out by telling myself: “hills are not a weakness.” I realized that saying the word weakness feels like a negative thought so I changed it up to “hills are a strength.” I powered up those hills without any problems (okay, Calvert Hill was still really tough, but I still felt strong).


Booty lock mitigation. My ultimate go-to, especially because I have tight hip flexors and a history of ITBS.

Legs up the wall. If I’m not particularly feeling any certain videos, this is my go to. I can multitask (reading, doing homework) or I can just close my eyes and relax. Either way, it’s a really great way to end the day.

Looking forward to:

Regularly utilizing the Yoga for Cyclists Collection as Maine 70.3 training ramps up.

Check out my Instagram feed to follow my daily practice and head over to Jasyoga to see what it’s all about.

How do you hit reset?



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