RnR DC Half Training Wrap Up

I finished my last long run of Rock n Roll DC half marathon training….all that’s left are two shorter runs then 13.1 miles around DC on Saturday.


The last few weeks of training were pretty good. The weather was spectacular (several 50-70 degree days made me want to be outside running) and I’m enjoying running hills more than ever.

I moved my runs to the afternoon-mostly after work-so I can get my swims and pre-hab done in the morning. I bike commuted a few times but backed off of that last week and this week so my legs wouldn’t feel like lead on Saturday.

So, here is where I would normally talk about goals for a race. This time? No goals, just go out and have fun. Training for an early spring half marathon was meant to keep me moving through the winter and build my (running) confidence for Maine 70.3. Knowing I can train for and complete the distance injury free was a big deal for me.

Here are a few favorites of RnR DC training:

Favorite run: A strong post-work hilly 8 miler. This was the run/feeling I had been waiting for the entire training cycle. I had other strong runs, but this was the one that really boosted my confidence.

Least favorite run(s): All of the little 3 milers toward the beginning of training. I was still getting acquainted with the hilly area and felt so slow.

Favorite route: Manassas Battlefield NHP. It was a tough route but there’s nothing like quiet trails. I only ran this once but would love to head back there this summer-tons of shade on the trail!

Most scenic run: running from Georgetown to Capitol Hill and back seeing all of the monuments on the Mall in DC during my 10-miler. I love running that route and just couldn’t resist snapping some photos on the run, easily one of my favorite cities to run in.

Favorite recovery: Jasyoga Booty Lock Mitigation and of course, legs up the wall.


Favorite post run snack: Superhero muffins from Run Fast Eat Slow.

Favorite song on my playlist: Rise by Katy Perry. The first time I heard this song was last year when I went to see The Secret Life of Pets. Before the movie previews, this song played while a video promoting the Rio Olympics was on the screen. I immediately knew this was my powersong….and it has been ever since!

So that’s it. Two more runs (4 miles tomorrow, 3 miles on Thursday) and that will be a wrap for RnR DC training! I’m feeling ready to cross that finish line on Saturday!

Good luck to those racing this weekend and if not racing, have a great training weekend!

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