March Goals

Well, it’s be a bit since I’ve posted…so much for consistent blogging 😉

Truth is, I’m having fun bike commuting to work, getting runs in, cooking and doing homework (okay, that last one isn’t as fun as the rest but it’s time consuming and worth a mention).  I’ll have some sort of Rock n Roll DC training wrap up soon to recap the final few weeks of training for the race, but for now it’s all about looking ahead to my March goals.



~ Finish the Rock n Roll DC half marathon with a smile on my face. No time goals this time around, just lots of fun doing what I love.

~ Dive head first into Maine 70.3 training. I finally finished plugging all of my workouts of the training cycle into Training Peaks–talk about intimidating!!  So instead of looking at it month to month or even week to week, I’m taking it one workout at a time right now. The training plan is set up in a way that if followed, should get me across the finish line in August. Officially, training started yesterday with an 1800 yard swim.

~ Continue eating the 80/20 way. After kind of Whole 30-ing last month, I learned that 80/20 is the best way to go for me. As long as I’m fueling with lots of veggies, fruits and lean proteins my cravings for junk food are practically non-existent. I’m re-reading ROAR by Stacy Sims PhD and it gives a lot of insight on fueling the female body (and it’s not just for endurance athletes, I highly recommend it to all women).

~ Lastly, later this month I’m starting to lead a women’s beginner group ride out of the bike shop I work at in Leesburg. I’m excited to take on this project and thankful my store manager is giving me this opportunity. Official details to come soon.

What is one of your goals in March?

One thought on “March Goals

  1. Funny, I am also rereading ROAR (and some other nutrition books I picked up last month).

    I’ve never attempted a Whole 30 . . . and I don’t really have the desire to. A cookie every once in a while won’t kill anyway.

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