So, About The Whole 30…

Just popping in for a quick update on the Whole 30…or lack thereof.

In the short 12 days I stuck with the program 100%, I learned SO much. The number one thing? I consume way too much junk food. Yes, my “slip-up” with W30 happened at my nephew’s birthday party when I had a slice of cake and some ice cream. I was expecting to feel like complete crap after/the next day, but instead I went on to have a really strong six mile run. I went back to eating W30 but with some modifications. So really, I guess I’m saying I’m not doing the Whole 30 anymore.

Here are my mods:

  1. I added some black beans to my eggs in the morning.
  2. I’ll have a GF Honey Stinger waffle before running.
  3. Before a longer training day I’ll add a side of rice to my dinner.

Since doing this, I feel better than ever. My running has felt strong, I’m recovering better from workouts and I’m still sleeping well. It feels sustainable even as training time increases and I’m still laying off the junk food.

So, technically, yes I “failed” at the Whole 30…but what I learned will stick with me. It’s okay for me to indulge once and awhile, just not daily.

The one mystery that still remains? Milk + regular coffee in the morning is still a no-go for my digestive system…..but I can have a regular latte and feel just fine.

Have a great day!

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