5 Key Pieces in My Pain Cave

For today’s Friday Five 2.0 we’re talking about workout spaces with Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy and I’m sharing with you the five key pieces in my pain cave.


My trainer. This is probably the number one piece of equipment. My old trainer recently broke so I replaced it with the trusty Cycle Ops Fluid 2 trainer and I love it. It’s quiet, smooth and easy to set up.


Bose Soundlink Speaker. When I’m on my trainer I listen to music or podcasts, but I don’t like wearing headphones and my phone/laptop speaker only go so loud. Enter: a powerful little wireless speaker that has excellent sound.


Kettlebells. Talk about one piece for strength training equipment for a full body workout! I love these things.


Dry Erase board. I write my bike workout of the day on my board, as well as hang love notes from Coeur, write inspirational quotes and goals for the week on the board.


A PVC pipe. For swimming, shoulder flexibility is a must. During a Rising Tide Instagram challenge last year I learned from Coach Jess that a simple PVC pipe can help with this. I use my pipe at least three times a week and have noticed a marked improvement in my swimming.


What is your favorite piece of gear in your workout area?

9 thoughts on “5 Key Pieces in My Pain Cave

  1. I was actually just shopping for a bike trainer the other day …looks like there is quite a gap between really expensive one and really cheap ones! I’d really love to have a good “middle of the road” one.

    Dry erase board ….now that’s a great idea! May have to get one for my little area as well! 🙂


  2. okay, that dry erase board makes your Pain Cave seem VERY official! I love it! What podcasts do you like? I don’t listen to music when I workout, I listen to podcasts. I love true crime, politics/current events, Fresh Air with Terry Gross… all kinds of stuff!


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