RnR DC Half Training: Week 5 & 6

Good morning!

I’m back with not one but two weeks of updates! Instead of blogging, last week was filled with homework, a job interview (nailed it and I start next month), shopping for clothing to wear to said job interview and writing postcards to/calling my congressman. It was very productive!

Welcome to my training log! Since consistency is my word of 2017 and I like to keep a record of my training, this time around I’m just posting the workouts completed and totals. If there’s something specific to address, I’ll add it in, but for the most part this will be a pretty basic weekly training recap.

Currently, I’m training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon, taking place on March 11th.  I’m also in pre-season mode for triathlon, so you’ll see an increase swimming and cycling over the next several weeks.

Week 5

Picture of the week:

sunrises were on point in week 5-loving this light and the color of the sky

5 miles, 49:13, 9:51 pace. Today was supposed to be a rest day, but since I missed my long run for week 5, I made it a long run day. It was a nice out and back on the W&OD Trail.
Jasyoga-Okay so I didn’t exactly do a Jasyoga video but I did hit reset with some stretching and beagle yoga aka cat-cow pose with a beagle on my back (about 10 minutes)

Swimming-1575 yards, 34:33. My usual pace is in the 2:20’s/100 yd, but since I want to get faster I added some sprint intervals and ended this workout with 2:07/100 yd average. SO excited to see some improvement in my swimming.
Running-3.5 miles, 33:32, 9:41 pace. After my bike fitting, I took advantage of being right next to the W&OD trail in Leesburg and did my run there.
Jasyoga-5-minute hip reset. Holy smokes my hips are just so tight (5 minutes)

Cycling! 52:05, 11.64 miles. Ah my happy place, especially now that I got my bike fitted properly. I was also lucky enough to have spring-like weather and ride outside. I haven’t been on my bike since Key West so of course it was, uh, slow/challenging-I also forgot the W&OD trail from Purcellville is downhill going out and mostly steady uphill climb going back, which made me feel extra sluggish. It did, however, feel nice to be outside on the bike.
Jasyoga-Since there are a couple of yoga for cyclists videos, I decided to do those. I did the pre-ride warm up (8 minutes) and following my ride I did the post-ride lower body reset (17 minutes). The post ride reset reallllly stretched my hip flexors which reminded me, again, my hips need some work.  I also used my R8 on my quads, IT bands and calf muscles. (total 25 minutes)

Swim 1500 yds, 33:35
Run 4 miles, 37:46, 9:26 pace
Jasyoga- 5 minute hip flexor reset (5 minutes)

Scheduled-1 hr 30 min trainer ride. Actual: 10 minutes. Why? My trainer died…kind of. Eight minutes into the ride I started smelling burnt rubber-this had never happened before but I figured it would pass and I went on for another two minutes…the smell got stronger and stronger so I hopped off to see what was going on. My tire had a silver residue on it and was SO hot. Okay, my tire has gotten warm before so whatever, but my WHEEL was actually getting warm and the trainer flywheel was actually too hot to touch. After some Googling I found this was NOT normal and I called it a day. Didn’t even record the 10 minutes in Training Peaks.
Yoga-Instead of Jasyoga, today did 20 minutes of yoga live streamed from the Late Show With Stephen Colbert’s Facebook page AKA Zenaugaration. (20 minutes)

I went into Washington DC for the Women’s March, it was incredible and something I will remember for the rest of my life. According to my Garmin I walked about 13.2 miles.
Jasyoga-5-minute foot reset (5 minutes)

Scheduled-6 miles. Actual: NADA. So tired and my feet were so sore, long run scratched for the week.
Jasyoga-5 minutes of meditation. My mind just needed it. (5 minutes)

Swim: 3075 yards, 1 hr 8 minutes
Bike: 11.6 miles, 52 minutes
Run: 12.5 miles, 1 hr, 58 minutes
Strength: 0
Yoga: 1 hr, 15 minutes

Week 6

Week six. Oh boy, did I miss some workouts or what, let’s just say Training Peaks had a lot of red boxes. Instead of freaking out about it or piling on workouts like I used to (and eventually get an overuse injury), I just rolled with it and took notes on what I could do better to improve my time management. Much less stressful that way. I also started the Whole 30 this week. I know, in a post a while back I said no more restricting, but I am tired of feeling like crap and would rather figure out what’s causing it now than when I’m training for my goal race this summer. I have a post coming on Thursday about this.

Picture of the week:

fall aftermath

Rest day. New Jasyoga videos came out and I did the How to Improve Your Sleep Meditation. I definitely went to bed more relaxed and I don’t think I woke up once, but I’m betting that’s a combination of the meditation and decreasing my caffeine intake. (10 minutes)

Pre-run yoga: Jasyoga How to Warm Up (12 minutes)
4 miles, 38:05, 9:32 pace. So four minutes into this run I tripped over a raised area on the sidewalk and fell hard into a pile of gravel. I had abrasions on my arm, shoulder, calf and knees but I was fine and after giving myself a minute to shake it off I continued on my run. I didn’t realize how much I was bleeding-I’ve fallen before and never had blood going down my legs-but by judging the freaked out looks on some pedestrian/driver’s faces it wasn’t pretty. See picture above-before and after one of the most painful showers ever.

45 minute trainer ride, 12.3 miles. I bought a Cycle Ops Fluid 2 Trainer over the weekend and I love it. It’s easy to set up and quiet, so it’s perfect.
Jasyoga-yoga for the rest of the week was quite difficult because it hurt to put any pressure on my knees after Tuesday’s fall so I did the best I could finding videos that minimized that. I did a hip strength/stabilization video with some modifications. (10 minutes)

Walked around a gazillion stores searching for a pair of pants that I’ll likely never wear again for my Friday interview. Luckily found a pair on the clearance rack at Target for less than $10. Came home and took a nap.
Jasyoga-Plank workout (13 minutes)

Interview day. I had full intentions of going for a run afterward, but it just didn’t happen. I was tired and hungry and still had grocery shopping to do. REST day.
Jasyoga-Plank workout (13 minutes)

I’m starting the process of looking for a new tri bike. Mine “fits” now, but it’s still not as comfortable as it could be in aero but it will do for now. Long story short, my bike fitter explained that older tri bikes have a really long top tube vs the newer ones, and that does not work for me. He had to move my seat all the way forward to get decent angles. I tried a Trek Speed Concept at a local bike shop and WHOA what a difference in fit-and I was barely fitted to the bike! A bike is a major investment, so this is going to be a long process and I want to try all of the bike brands I can find (aka no new bike anytime soon).
Jasyoga-various lower body stretching from the Hit Reset book using a strap (7 minutes)

Sleeeeeep is all I wanted to do. I also changed tires on bikes, meal prepped and did homework.
Jasyoga-5 minutes of legs up the wall (5 minutes)

Swim: 0
Bike: 45 minutes, 12.3 miles
Run: 4 miles, 38:05
Strength: 0
Yoga: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Onward to week seven, I feel like it’s going to be a good one!

I’m linking up with Holly at HoHo Runs and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap and Eat Pray Run DC for the Winter Training Recap.

How did you training go last week?

8 thoughts on “RnR DC Half Training: Week 5 & 6

  1. Consistency is my word on the workout front! Trying to just get everything in! And IMO, changing a tire is a workout in and of itself! I’m impressed with your Jasyoga — I’m going to have to check it out as I’ve been hearing so much about it!


  2. That’s a bummer about your trainer but I’m glad you got a replacement so quickly. Your knees look like mine did in Chicago. The blood was almost in my shoes when I got to the medical tent. I couldn’t stand the bed sheet touching for them for days either. I hope yours are on the mend! I’m going to live vicariously through you as you shop for a new tri bike. Yes, bikes are a HUGE investment. Keep those details coming. Thanks for linking, Stacey!


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