TotR: Why I Love Racing Local

Okay, okay I’ll admit it: I love a good racecation. Seeing new places while running and cycling is so much fun. In fact, my goal race this year is a racecation!  Funny thing is, I did ride some of the course last year to get a feel for how the roads are and how hilly it is.

But I also love racing on my home turf. Here are a few reasons why racing locally is the bee’s knees.

training on the REV3 Williamsburg course

Knowing the course. Since you get to train on the course, you get to know every single bump in the road, hill, turn…everything. This is obviously an advantage over out-of-towners, because let’s be honest, when has an elevation chart ever been 100% accurate on a race website?

You get to sleep in  your own bed. A no brainer, unless your bed is uncomfortable.

Food. Runners and triathletes know the golden rule: nothing new on race day. And when it comes to eating, I try to stay away from anything new a couple of days leading up to the race. When racecationing, the temptation can be there to try something new or overindulge in rich foods (ugh, I unfortunately know this from experience). Racing locally, though, you can stick to your routine and make your own food in your own kitchen.

Support. Racing locally means tons of support on the sidelines in the form of friends and family! Having a tough time getting them out to cheer you on? Organize a post-race brunch/lunch get together so everyone can enjoy something.

Racing local sometimes gives you a chance to give back to  your community by supporting local charities or small businesses.

Tell me: What is one thing you like about racing locally?
And if you are local to the Northern Virginia/DC area, what’s your favorite local race?


18 thoughts on “TotR: Why I Love Racing Local

  1. I like racing local, its fun to see the same people and to try to do better on race routes I have run before. sometimes predictability is fun


  2. There are definitely pros and cons to racing local. I think my biggest con is paying for a race when you run the course for free any other time…haha. But then again you have plenty time to train and know the course well so you should be a rock star at it! A pro, you can’t beat sleeping in your own bed the night before a race.


  3. I”m pretty spoiled here in Chicago–during the summer, unlimited races, it seems! It makes it easy to race locally, but a lot of the downtown Chicago races take the same. path.every.time. So I kind of like mixing it up!


    1. That’s why I love being back in the DC area-seemingly unlimited race choices! We’re lucky,though, lots of different courses to choose from.


  4. I used to live near the Art Museum in Philly and that’s where SO many races start. It was so convenient when I could literally walk to the starting line of various 5K’s and half marathons and not have to worry about parking and traffic when I want to come home. I have to admit that I miss that, but it’s still great to be in the same city!


  5. Funny, I did just that this week — organized a brunch for a group of runner friends. I don’t have huge numbers of runner friends, since it’s been hard for me to find buddies who run my pace, so often even at local races I only know one or two other runners. But that is the best part of the local races. 🙂


  6. I do like when I can get up at a reasonable hour and need very little travel time to get to a race. Knowing the course is always a plus as well. Thanks for linking up!


  7. I admit that I enjoy both racecations & local races. I love local races for the typically less complicated pre-race planning, and that you can fit them into your life without the same impact as an overnight or weekend trip might have. But I think it’s best to do a mix!


  8. I love all of the Pacers races. My favorite is the GW Classic 10 miler. Beautiful race and super well run.

    One of the things I love most about the local running scene is how many people I know! I feel like I spend the whole race with friends.


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