RnR DC Half Training: Week 3

Good morning!

Welcome to my training log! Since consistency is my word of 2017 and I like to keep a record of my training, this time around I’m just posting the workouts completed and totals. If there’s something specific to address, I’ll add it in, but for the most part this will be a pretty basic weekly training recap.

Currently, I’m training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon, taking place on March 11th.  I’m also in my off-season from triathlon, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some swimming and biking. 

Picture of the week:

completely soaked, still happy to be out there!

Rest day.
Jasyoga video: Establish a Blueprint for Center. It definitely helped me discover some imbalances I have in my lower body, which I’m steadily working on to improve. (13 minutes)

3.5 miles, 33:43, 9:36 pace. Whew this was a cold, rainy run that deposited some miles in my mental toughness bank!
Jasyoga video: Evening Reset (9 minutes)

2 miles, 18 minutes, 9:00 pace. Wore shorts and ran in the sun. The only warm run this week and it was lovely.
Jasyoga video: Quick Post-Run Reset (8 minutes)
PM: upper body lift (20 minutes) + 35 minutes on the elliptical.

I’m having the worst luck with swimming these days! Last week my pool was closed, this week swim team is back in session but later in the evening instead of right after school. Le sigh…need to get back to early morning swimming!

FINALLY hit the pool when there were lanes open! 2077 yards (1900 m) of freestyle, kicking and drills. 50:58.
PM: Jasyoga quick 5-minute shoulder reset. Much needed after the swim + sitting in an office chair most of the day. (5 minutes)

Another early morning swim, 2187 yards (2000 m) of more freestyle + lots of kicking. I really need to work on my kicking. 59:15
PM: Another upper body reset-Jasyoga reclined upper body reset. Perfect after another day of swimming, sitting in an office chair all morning and driving 3 hours to northern Virginia after work. ONE more drive to and from Hampton Roads next week for three shifts and I’m officially finished! (18 minutes)

Third swim of the week was the most enjoyable, I really like my new pool. Mostly freestyle with some kicking, total of 1800 yards, definitely felt faster and stronger than the previous two days. Unfortunately, I forgot to hit stop on my Garmin until about over an hour after I finished, so I’m unsure of my time. This is just an estimate, about 40 minutes.
After swimming, I did another round of Jasyoga 5-minute shoulder reset to stretch out my tired shoulders/arms. (5 minutes)

After waiting for it to “warm” up (and it only warmed up about 5 degrees, but hey, I’ll take it), I finally headed out on my run at 3pm. It took some time to actually get my legs moving, but it wasn’t terrible. 5 miles, 53:29, 10:41 pace
After my run, I noticed some calf/lower leg tightness, so my Jasyoga of the day was the Preventative Medicine for Your Lower Legs/Feet video. (11 minutes)

Swim: 6064 yards, 2 hours, 30 min, 12 seconds
Bike: 0
Run: 13.5 miles, 2 hours, 15 minutes, 18 seconds
Strength: 20 minutes
Yoga: 1 hour, 11 minutes
Other: 35 minutes (elliptical)

I’m linking up with Holly at HoHo Runs and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap, Eat Pray Run DC for the Winter Training Recap and Jess Runs ATL and The Right Fits  for Linking up with the Jess’s!

How did you training go last week?


14 thoughts on “RnR DC Half Training: Week 3

  1. Good for you for getting out there yesterday to run….it was COLD. I’m very curious about the Jasyoga – sounds like that’s something that works really well for you. Do you do that in lieu of stretching or in addition to it?


    1. Thank you 🙂 It was so cold! I’m trying at least 5 minutes of Jasyoga everyday in lieu of stretching-at least for now. Once 70.3 training starts I may have to add some basic stretching.


  2. I love all the swimming you do! I just learned how to swim and I know that if I practice I’ll get better….but I’m terrible and I despise it. I don’t mind using the kickboard though!


    1. Thank you! I’m in the same boat with swimming-I really don’t like it but I know with practice I’ll get better and eventually like it 🙂


  3. So excited to have you link up- and to be introduced to your blog!

    So jealous of your run in shorts…

    Your post is inspiring me to incorporate more swimming into my week! Way to go!


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