A couple of weeks ago, Jasyoga posted this on Instagram:


“5 minutes of yoga a day is way more impactful then going to one class a week.”

For some reason, that message really stuck in my mind. I had always thought I had to do some crazy amount of yoga for it to be beneficial, so I never really practiced yoga. Of course, I would do some of the Jasyoga videos and use the Hit Reset book, but it was mainly for stretching after a run than anything else…nothing mental (except the pre-race meditation).

When I decided to take the plunge and sign up for my first half ironman, I wanted to incorporate yoga practice into my routine before training starts in April.  If I get in the habit now, setting at least 5 minutes a day aside for yoga will not seem like a huge deal when training begins.

Being able to reset mentally and physically after a tough swim or brick or whatever will definitely pay off in the long term. Half ironman (for whatever you’re training for) training requires proper recovery and mental clarity…and the way I see it doing little bits of yoga every day will help.


So, my challenge to myself is to hit reset every single day in 2017. You can follow my #hitreset365 journey on Instagram or even better….join me!

How do you reset while training?

8 thoughts on “#hitreset365

  1. Great plan! I have the book Hit Reset and its so helpful. Im not good with the meditation piece but I think it would be so beneficial.


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