My Year In (Swim, Bike and) Running: 2016

The one thing that stands out to me about 2016 is that even though I did my first triathlon in 2014, this is the year I actually felt like a triathlete. I’m guessing that feeling comes automatically with completing more than one triathlon in a year, but for me it wasn’t about the races. That feeling came from all of the hours spent training and building confidence that is needed to complete the race. I’m really looking forward to the 2017 season, but first let’s recap 2016!


Best race experience: Hands down, the REV3 Williamsburg Olympic Triathlon. First of all, REV3 puts on a fantastic race, I just can’t say enough about the company. The organization, the course, the swag…you name it REV3 nailed it all.  This was my first Olympic distance triathlon, so yay-automatic PR, but I learned so much in the three hours, sixteen minutes and forty-eight seconds of racing. First, that I love the sport. I’ve said it before-it’s challenging, rewarding and fun. I have lots of work to do to improve but you’ve gotta start somewhere.

At the finish of REV3 Williamsburg

Best run: It’s a tie. Running on the Queen K Highway in Hawaii or any running I did in Seattle. Running on the Queen K is magical. It’s where the bike and part of the run for the IM World Champs takes place. You can’t help but feel energized by thinking about all of the amazing athletes racing every October there. In Seattle, I enjoyed running along the Puget Sound, running with the Oiselle TNFC and all the amazing post run lattes…it was so perfect. Not to mention, the weather in Seattle in August > weather in Virginia in August (practically ZERO humidity).

Running on the Queen K…fueling my Ironman dreams
post-run latte in West Seattle
a great group of ladies #tnfc 🙂

Best new piece of running gear: Hoka One One Cliftons. When I had to replace my beloved Huakas, I tried on so many running shoes looking for a suitable replacement. When I finally got the chance to meet with a Hoka rep at my local running store, she urged me to try the Cliftons…and the rest is history.


Best running advice you’ve received this year:  I’m not sure if everyone would consider this advice (it’s more of a mantra), before the Williamsburg tri this year I used Jasyoga Race/Game Day Mantra Meditation and the “I am, here now” phrase stuck with me during the race and the rest of the season….except I wrote “You are, here now” on my arm before my race. Basically, it has taught me to accept where I am and to not play the comparison game.


Most inspirational runner: Gwen Jorgensen. She won the first ever GOLD medal for Team USA (men or women) in triathlon at the Rio Olympics. Watch the highlights of the women’s race-I totally tear up every single time I watch it…It’s great cycle trainer watching. Then, like a badass, she ran the NYC Marathon in a blazing fast 2:41:01. I can’t even think about Gwen without being inspired to work hard….


Favorite picture from a run or race this year: Running toward the finish line at the Presque Isle Tri. Tyler took this picture and I can just feel the happiness I was feeling at the moment. Next to Williamsburg, Presque Isle was my 2nd favorite race in 2016.

you can barely see me, but I look at this picture and still feel the joy

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: REV3 Williamsburg-no doubt-and I’m already signed up for 2017!

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be?  Accept where you are. In 2016, I stopped comparing myself to the super fast athletes I follow on Instagram and Twitter. Instead, I used these ladies and gents as inspriation to push myself harder.  I worked on my weaknesses and started seeing some gains in my performance.

It’s that time of year again where you see the “year in review” posts on blogs everywhere. Well, I’m joining in on the fun and linking up with Courtney for my recap of 2016.

Eat Pray Run DC Year of Running 2016
Also, I’m linking this post up this week with the ladies at Tuesdays on the Run (Erika, Patty and Marcia) and the Friday 5 2.0 (Rachel, Meranda and Lacey) !

What was your favorite race/training experience of 2016?

24 thoughts on “My Year In (Swim, Bike and) Running: 2016

  1. I am seeing so much about having fun…something I used to do all the time, but somehow this past year, my watch took over. With every missed PR, I allowed myself to get more uptight and even more disappointed…overlooking the fact that I had non-stop injuries along with me for most of my races (duh!). I’ve never done a tri (maybe…someday…), so I enjoy reading about others’ experiences. I love that “I am, here now.” That’s powerful!!!


    1. My watch was my problem in the past-I ended up going watchless for the first few weeks last year and it totally made me realize I loved running and pace really didn’t matter. Hope you have a better 2017 🙂


  2. Congrats on a great year! I would love to run in Seattle, I still need to find my way to the Pacific Northwest! I love the way you summed up the year, such an important lesson! I hope you have another great year of tri’s in 2017!


  3. The best advice I got this year was from a fellow blogger and it was simply “Run your own race”. I ran a few local races this year with some very speedy people but always had to remember that I was running FOR ME and for MY time and that I didn’t have to keep up with anyone else.

    Congrats on all your races this year!


    1. I love that advice-it’s something I tell myself when I find myself trying to keep up with someone that is going way too fast in a race 🙂


  4. You look so happy in your REV3 picture! I love the mantra! When I read it, my first take on it was that it was a reminder to be in the moment. Whenever I run a special race or am running at a particularly beautiful spot, even if I feel crappy or the miles are tough, I try to remind myself to just live in the moment and appreciate it! Congratulations on your 2016 accomplishments!

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