RnR DC Half Training: Week 1

Good morning!

Welcome to my training log! Since consistency is my word of 2017 and I like to keep a record of my training, this time around I’m just posting the workouts completed and totals. If there’s something specific to address, I’ll add it in, but for the most part this will be a pretty basic weekly training recap.

Currently, I’m training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon, taking place on March 11th.  I’m also in my off-season from triathlon, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some swimming and biking. 

Picture of the week:

Seen just as I was finishing up Friday’s run

3 easy miles, 29:39, 9:53 pace

AM: Back at it in the pool-1421 yards (1300 m)* of various drills and some freestyle-36:09
PM: 2 quick miles after work, 18:09, 9:05 pace. (The weekly 2 mile runs on my training schedule are optional, but I’m using them to get some speed work in)

1749 yards (1600 m)*of various drills and freestyle-44:01.
Today’s swim was the first time I really pushed myself during a training swim. I typically go though the workout at an easy pace so I can get it done (probably definitely why my swimming is weak). The first part of the swim is a mixture of freestyle and drills twice through. I did the first set in 14:31 and decided I wanted to beat that time. Turns out, when I push myself I can do that same set in 13:18!! I was tired but it felt so good!

Rest day.

AM: 3 miles finishing right as the sun was rising. Running some bigger hills made it tough, but to my surprise I averaged a 9:34 pace! 3 miles, 28:43, 9:34/mile
PM: I swam at my new pool and was welcomed with an empty lane! Again, the workout included various drills and freestyle. 1100 yds, 24:48

Rest day. 

4 miles, 37:54, 9:29 pace.

Swim: 4271 yards, 1:44:58
Bike: 0
Run: 12 miles, 1:54:25
Strength: 0
Yoga: 0

*For this training log, I’m measuring my swim in yards, but these swims were done in a 25 meter pool, which is why there are some odd-looking distances.

I’m linking up with Holly at HoHo Runs and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap!

Are you currently training for anything right now? 

5 thoughts on “RnR DC Half Training: Week 1

  1. Great job this week! You picked a good word for 2017. What a pretty sunrise. I love finishing a run just as the sun is coming up! If I’m going to do any Sprint Tris in 2017, I need to get in the pool and back on the bike. I admit, the motivation is pretty low right now. And, I need serious help with my swimming too. Thanks for linking, Stacey!


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