TotR: Medals of 2016

Only two TotR left in 2016! Whew, this year has really flown by! Today we’re taking a look back at the bling we earned racing this year. I love these posts every year because I like seeing all the different medals everyone has earned…..sometimes it gets me to sign up for a race if the medal is really impressive!


All of my race recaps can be found here.

Maui Oceanfront 10K -Most Beautiful Race Medal


Newport News One City Marathon Relay-Longest Running Distance this year (7.9 miles) Medal


Shamrock 8K-FINALLY A PR RACE (haha) Medal


Smithfield Sprint Triathlon-Muddiest Race Medal


REV3 Williamsburg Olympic Triathlon-Proudest Race Medal


Key West Olympic Triathlon-Hardest Earned Medal


There you have it, the medals I earned this year.Β 

As always, thank you Erika, Patty and Marica for hosting TotR!

What was your favorite medal of 2016?

11 thoughts on “TotR: Medals of 2016

  1. You earned a nice variety of medals this year! I only got 1 (I think) because all my races were short. Oh, and i also earned one for a virtual race if that counts!


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