Happy Wednesday!

You may have noticed that I’ve added some new logos to my sidebar. That’s because in 2017, I’m a proud member of the Coeur Sports Ambassador Team! You may already know this because I found out in November and posted the announcement to Instagram and Twitter, but I’m just now getting around to writing about it on the blog.

2017 Coeur Team
2017 Coeur Team- I’m incredibly honored to be teammates with all of these amazing women.

So, why Coeur?

Of course, the tri shorts with the seamless chamois is what first attracted me to Coeur back in 2014 (definitely love at first ride, I’ll talk more about these shorts in a future post), but it’s their mission and inspiring athletes that kept me coming back and wanting to be a part of this team. From their pros to amateur athletes to fans, the team at Coeur supports and is proud of all athletes wearing their brand, which is clear just by reading through their Twitter feed and blog. You can find me in 2017 proudly training and racing in Coeur and volunteering/cheering my head off at some local races!


Now, onto the en-Coeur-agement part of this post.

I’m especially proud to be a part of a team that encourages getting more women in endurance sports. This mission had me thinking recently, what am I going to do to inspire/encourage women in or to start in endurance sports? Well, I like to think my blog and social media sites provide some sort of inspiration, I mean, even if it only inspires one woman, it’s one more woman in sport. I want to do more, and since that takes some teamwork, so here’s where I ask you for help.

If you read my blog, chances are you are already involved in an endurance sport….so I’m asking you, yes you, to join me in supporting and getting more women into endurance sports as well as continue in their sport of choice. For this post, I’m talking more about running and triathlon, because it’s what I know, but please keep in mind there’s an endurance sport out there for everyone-you don’t have to be a runner or triathlete!

Here are a few small things that you can do that have major potential to add up to something big:

 Stick around at the end of a race and cheer on the final finishers-this means so much to the athletes, as a lot of times the crowds have left and the finish area is quiet. Being on the back of the pack end of a race not too long ago in Key West, it brought a smile to my face to have spectators there cheering me in across the finish line.

 Encourage a friend or a group of friends or co-workers to sign up and train for a local 5K- train with them and run the race with them-it’s so much fun! I started a small running group at my office last year and loved seeing the progress of three women going from zero to running for 30 minutes straight (#allthefeels).

 Cheer on other racers or runners on your running route who look like they may be struggling-they might give you the death stare at the time, but trust me this little act of kindness will boost their spirits.

Want to get involved in an endurance sport and don’t know where to start? Local running or cycling shops usually have experienced athletes who love to talk about their sport with ideas to get you started. My local running shop (Potomac River Running in Leesburg, VA) has weekly beginner fun runs and in the past has had ladies night events/runs, so if you’re local, come on out-we may see each other there! There are also so many RRCA running clubs or USAT tri clubs allover the country, so check those sites out if you are interested in joining a local club or interested in finding a coach to assist you in your journey. I’m also happy to have company during runs, so again, if you’re local to the Northern Virginia area or if you are traveling to the area reach out to me on here, Instagram or Twitter-in my opinion, running is always better with friends, both new and old 🙂

So, with that, here’s my 2017 challenge for you: Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just thinking about starting, involve yourself in an endurance sport. This can be in the form of training, racing, spectating and giving out high-fives at a race, volunteering at a race or with your local Girls on the Run chapter….just get involved. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I’ll say it again: You never know who you will inspire.

What will you do to encourage women in sport in 2017?
What inspires you to continue in your sport?

3 thoughts on “En-Coeur-agement

  1. “stick around at the end of a race and cheer on the final finishers-this means so much to the athletes” SO TRUE!! I’ve stayed until the very last finisher at a half marathoner, and wow! Amazed at the determination back there. Great challenge!

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