TotR: Fave Running Book of 2016

Today’s Tuesday on the Run linkup topic is “your favorite running book of 2016.” Well, mine happens to be a cookbook. You may have heard of it…. Run Fast, Eat Slow by Olympian runner Shalane Flanagan and chef/runner Elyse Kopecky.


I bought this book shortly after it came out on iBooks for a whopping $3.99. Best $4 I’ve ever spent. This book is a wealth of knowledge regarding common sense nutrition for athletes, but really for everyone. No, it’s not a weight loss book, it doesn’t count calories nor does it discuss the next big trend in “healthy” eating. It’s a cookbook that it encourages eating, using fat in your cooking and making nutritional meals that fuel your run or whatever sport, as well as your family. This book is exactly what I needed this year…it was refreshing to open a cookbook for athletes that didn’t have a table on ‘how many grams of protein’ or ‘how many calories to eat based on lifestyle/activity level.’


My favorite recipe (so far) is the Superhero Muffins. These things fuel almost every workout I do, make a great mid-morning snack at work and they sneak in some extra veg to my diet. I don’t like raisins so I add chocolate chips in to add a little cocoa-y goodness.

I love this quote from Elyse because I couldn’t agree more:

“Outside of training the single greatest thing an athlete can do to improve their performance (and their long-term health and happiness) is to learn to cook. ”

— Elyse
(quote from the Run Fast, Eat Slow website)

This book makes a great gift for anyone on your list. I see myself using this cookbook for years to come.

Last week I listened to a great podcast with Elyse-check it out here.

As always, thank you Erika, Patty and Marica for hosting TotR! Also this week, I’m linking up with Wendy for her monthly book club/review.

What was your favorite book of 2016? (can be running or non-running related, I’m always up for good book suggestions!)


12 thoughts on “TotR: Fave Running Book of 2016

  1. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this book. I need to get it. I agree with you on cooking. Life is so much better if you can do it. I have The Racing Weight Cookbook and there’s a section for those who don’t cook. It’s pretty gross.


    1. I have the Racing Weight book, too and I totally agree with you! Heating up a frozen burrito and putting salsa/guac (or whatever) on it is NOT a recipe, haha!


  2. I keep hearing great things about this book but I tend to buy cookbooks and never really use them, SMH! I am intrigued though…


  3. I got to look through at our running weekend. It’s definitely been on my list to buy, but I’ve been waiting for a good price (and I use Kindle — haven’t seen it at $4 yet). I may just break down at some point, everything looked so yummy . . .

    Best book. Hmmmm. I’ve done a lot of running reading lately, I got several books when prices were good. Both Frank Shorter’s & Bart Yasso’s books were very entertaining.

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