Offseasoning: Week 1

A recap of the week immediately following the Key West Tri.

After the Key West tri, I took a week off from any sort structured workouts. The only thing I was intentional about was doing yoga or some sort of stretching everyday.

Of course I did accompany Tyler on a couple of runs, because I felt like running not because my training schedule told me to. They were no longer than three miles and it did feel good to move my legs faster than walking pace. Total mileage: a whopping five miles.

loved running in a tank and shorts, but ready for some winter weather!

We also did a lot of walking at all of the National Park sites we visited. It was actually a great way to break up the drive back home.

the Boardwalk Trail at Congaree NP

I took some time to indulge in all the things, knowing that I needed to clean up my diet in the coming weeks.  Cuban sandwich, a strawberry daiquiri (I don’t drink much at all, so this was truly an indulgence) and a two pieces of chocolate covered frozen key lime pie pop. Also, I was reminded that grandparents like to feed you ALL THE FOOD. Whew, I felt like I needed to detox after a few days at Tyler’s grandmother’s house! Now that we’re back home, eating is way more under control and I’m back lots of veggies and protein and no cookies.

Blogging! If you’ve noticed, I blogged four times last week + wrote my KW race recap the week after I raced it instead of 3+ months later….hey, progress! I won’t promise this will continue but I hope it does and I’m going to work hard to keep it up. I have some ideas for upcoming posts about all the National Park sites we’ve visited so stay tuned for that.

maybe regular blogging wouldn’t be so bad if this was my regular view 😉

I took the time to fill in all of my RnR DC half marathon workouts on Training Peaks and the first ten weeks of next year’s triathlon training. It’s consuming and boring, but it’s got to be done and what better time than when I’m sitting around watching Friends on Netflix.

The one thing I didn’t get done last week was a haircut. I planned to do it on Sunday but between unpacking and decorating for Christmas, the haircut got pushed to this coming week. I haven’t had it cut since before REV3 Williamsburg, so I’m long overdue.

my hair is wayyyy too long

So that’s been my “week zero.” This week I’m adding back in swimming and continuing with the short runs. Still staying off the bike because, well, I feel like it, but I’m also back in Newport News working for the week so there’s no safe time to ride anyway (it’s too dark after work + no trainer at the apartment). Onward to off-season week two!

I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap!


13 thoughts on “Offseasoning: Week 1

  1. I must say, I do love an off season. I just wasn’t expecting it to be quite as off as it is right now!

    I would totally love to send you our entire winter. It’s so hard to train through the winter — this is only the second year since I’ve lived here that I’m attempting it, and I’m not sure that was a wise decision but oh well, I’m looking forward to NOLA in March. And praying for another cool snap on race morning. 🙂


  2. You’ve been really productive! I visited Key West several years ago and loved it! I wish I got to explore more of the parks while we were there. It’s so funny, grandparents definitely like to make you eat…I had the same thing happen with my boyfriend’s grandparents!

    Enjoy the off-season!


    1. haha right? I can’t even remember the last time I actually wore my hair down–the picture on here was taken for this post then my hair immediately went up in a bun!


  3. Yay for the off-season!! A lot of people don’t allow themselves down time, but I think we all need it…physically and mentally. I’m just getting over a marathon (3 weeks ago), and have nothing major on my calendar until March (and that’s only a 10K LOL). It’s awkward not having a “schedule,” but it’s also a bit refreshing.


    1. I’m anxious to start training for the DC half marathon (I love a schedule), but I am really enjoying running without regard to pace or distance and getting the yoga in 🙂


  4. I have been taking some time off too since the NYC marathon. I have been doing alot of other fitness activities but since I pretty much trained for 2 big races all year, I felt it was important to give my body a good break.


  5. HOORAY for week zeroes! I’m looking forward to one in a few weeks. My hair stays in a pony tail. I have it trimmed — but warn her repeatedly about short layers while she’s cutting. I’m sure she loves me. LOL. I enjoying visiting National Parks. I want to go out west this summer and do that. You are so right about the grandparents…and you simply can’t refuse the food! Thanks for linking Stacey!


  6. I so get the feeling of needing to detox after all those heavy foods and sweet treats!
    Your blogging is going much better than mine, I’m still trying to just stay caught up with the WW crew!
    Would you believe I cut my own hair! Yup it’s curly can’t mess this stuff up!


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