Earlier this year, I was inspired by Judy to choose a word of the year. That word was fearless. In some ways, I lived up to it but in others….not so much. I’m ending 2016 proud of what I have accomplished, but I’m hungry for progress. Being fearless surely plays a part in that, however in my opinion there’s something far more important that fearlessness.


One thing I learned in 2016 is that to make progress in practically anything, you have to be consistent. Consistent in training, nutrition, recovery….everything. So my word for 2017 is consistency.

Here are FIVE things I’m focusing on in regard to consistency for the 2017 season:

  1. Nutrition. Ugh, 2016 was rough from this standpoint until something clicked in August. No more deprivation, but no more junk food binges either. I kind of fell off the healthy eating wagon this past week (it’s off-season, afterall), but I’m eager to get back to eating the way my body likes—more veggies, less sugar.
  2. Swimming. This is definitely my weakest of the three triathlon sports. I had a swim consult done and was given pointers on how to improve…well basically everything. After a terrible swim at Key West, I’m ready to put in the work this winter.
  3. Running. It’s been awhile since I’ve really focused on just running. This winter, I’m training for my first half marathon since 2013-the RnR DC Half, taking place March 11th. I have a training plan (starts December 20th) where I’m running four days a week. My focus is going to be on form rather than speed. I want to finish this race uninjured and ready to start training for triathlon season.
  4. Recovery. I royally suck at recovering after a workout. I have a bad habit of planning workouts around running errands so I miss out on that optimal window to get nutrition in (side note, if you haven’t read Dr. Stacy Sims book ROAR or you haven’t listened to any podcasts with her-here and here are my favorites-do yourself a favor, this woman is brilliant). I also half-assed did any yoga/foam rolling—it was really only when I remembered, but I did get better at it in the fall.
  5. Strength training. So, basically, I just need to start doing this. I know it will benefit me, especially in the later parts of a race when my legs start to feel like lead. I also know strength training will help keep injuries away. If anyone has any recommendations for a strength training program that is triathlete-specific please share!

So there you have it….my 2017 word of the year!

Like Judy, I’m going off topic today for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup with Fairytales and Fitness and Running On Happy, talking about my 2017 word of the year.

Do you choose a word at the start of each year? What is one thing you want to focus on for the 2017 season?



22 thoughts on “Consistency

  1. I really think consistency is the most important thing in most areas of life — it’s a great word for your year!

    I almost always carry something with me so I can get in some carbs immediately after a run. For short runs, it might just be a gogosquueze packet (applesauce). It always amazes me how good that tastes after a run!

    I’m pretty good about the rest of it, but it’s definitely hard to squeeze in sometimes.


    1. The applesauce packet is a really good idea, I’ll have to look in to those because I think they are sold in bulk at Costco. I agree with you too-consistency is a great thing for most areas in life!

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  2. I don’t know any tri specific strength training but I can tell you strength training is the best thing I ever did for my body! My running improved and I just got STRONGER. Sometimes I would have trouble fitting it all in, so I would schedule my training “weeks” as 9 days instead of 7 days! It was a fun puzzle to fit everything in since I finally had enough time for it all PLUS rest days.


    1. I’m hoping Training Peaks helps me with this-finding my workout in my inbox every morning will be a no-so-subtle reminder to get it done πŸ™‚


  3. I think our friend, Judy, is on to something here. I don’t what word I’d choose…maybe more of a mantra: warm-up/cool-down (?). My running coach had me doing all kinds of PT stuff (almost daily) and specific warm-ups/cool-downs. I need to keep doing those regardless of what my activity is.


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