Less is More

If there is one thing I learned about running in 2016, it’s that less is more…..when it comes to racing, that is.


In the past I’ve signed up for as many races as I could possibly fit into my calendar, leaving minimal time for quality training on the weekends. There have been years I’ve done five half marathons (way too many for me, personally) and ended up injured.

I have found the more races I would do, the slower I would get. That is likely because I wasn’t devoting time to 1) solid training and 2) recovery from said races. I started down that same slippery slope earlier this year when I did the One City Marathon relay followed by the Shamrock 8K then the Smithfield Sprint Triathlon….all within three weeks. Whew. I was so burned out after the Smithfield tri that I deferred my race scheduled for the end of April and didn’t race again until July.

And I was okay with that. In the past I would’ve gotten bored and felt like I didn’t have anything to look forward to (race/workout-wise). Instead, I trained and I trained hard. I had a great race at REV3 Williamsburg and then raced well again at the Presque Isle tri in August.

In 2017, I’ve got some big goals. I’m signed up for a handful of racesΒ that are strategically spaced out to give me enough time to recover/train before the next. Here’s 2017, the year of smart training and racing!

I’m linking up with Marcia, Erika and Patty for Tuesdays on the Run.

9 thoughts on “Less is More

  1. Almost no idea of what I’m doing in 2017 outside of my half in March! It’s time to start looking & negotiating with Mr. Judy.

    It’s funny, I tend to be cautious with the amount of races that I do, then Oct/Nov rolls around and I run all the races . . .

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  2. You’re so right Stacey. In the “old” days before social media, I thought I was racing a lot if I did 2 halfs in a YEAR! That said I was trained to RACE them. When I run races in volume, they’re all sort of slow fun runs. Nothing for me on tap for next year yet besides Berlin. I need to heal this hamstring.


  3. Oh my gosh, here comes the snow on your blog again… I’m not ready for winter!!


    So here’s my thing about racing a lot… I feel like I run faster than if I don’t race much at all! Having said that, though, I don’t truly race every race, especially if they’re back to back. So there’s that…


    1. Haha I am so ready for snow, but that’s probably because I’m in Virginia and we usually only get it from January to March πŸ™‚ I can see how racing a lot can make you run faster-I wish I could do that! My problem is that I’m injury prone and tend to skip the important things like recovery and crosstraining if I’m racing a lot.


  4. I learned that the hard way. There was one year in which I did so many half marathons and it took out the joy of running. I became frustrated because my finish times were about the same and I was not improving. Ha, definitely will not make that same mistake again.


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