Key West Triathlon (Not My Race Recap)

My race recap ended up being a book, so I decided to split it up into two posts: a recap of the Key West Triathlon, in general, and my race recap. If you follow me on Instagram, you know this race wasn’t a great one for me. Luckily, the race itself was a great one.


Race company: Multirace
Races offered: Olympic and sprint triathlons, an Olympic aquabike and a sprint duathlon
Location: Higgs Beach, Key West, FL
Date: 12/3, 7am start (next year’s date 12/2/17)

I can’t say enough good things about this race. It was so well-organized, the course was marked perfectly and there was a lot of race support-between police/volunteers posted at every intersection (not just major ones) and spectators cheering their heads off. Everyone-race directors, volunteers, spectators were just awesome.

The course:
Ocean swim.
Like I said, it’s very well-marked. The bike portion on the map looked a little confusing at first glance, but it made sense after studying it a bit.
The bike course was closed to traffic and the run course was completely on a sidewalk-be warned though, it’s a concrete sidewalk, so this could be a bit harsh on your shins/joints if you aren’t used to running on concrete.
There were plenty of places for spectators hangout and see their athletes race. Tyler had no problem finding spots to take pictures.

Packet pickup was a breeze. It was at the beach where transition/start area was so I could scope out the area. Volunteers were organized and knew what they were doing.

Parking for the expo and race day was plentiful (on street), we only had to walk about a 1/2 mile from where we parked on race day to transition/race start.

Each racer got a soft cotton t-shirt, pictured below.


Finishers received a medal, a Boco Gear visor with the race logo on it. I’m a huge fan of Boco Gear, so this was a major plus in my book. We also had the option of getting a printout of our race results, which is nice to hang onto for reference (like for writing race reports, haha).



There is an option to go to a post race party at a local BBQ, Charlie Mac’s, but Tyler and I didn’t go so I can’t speak for that event. I’m sure it was nice, but we opted for Cuban sandwiches and headed back to the KOA to hit the beach.

Some tips:
~Beware of the headwind-on the bike and the run. OMG it was brutal and according to a local bike shop owner, it’s always there unless it’s August. And who races in August in Key West? No one. Silver lining? The tailwind on the ride and run back into town (at least there was on Saturday).
~Be a strong swimmer. There were times where I felt like I was drowning (I wasn’t). This is not the place for your first ocean swim. Same bike shop owner was in awe that this was my first ocean swim in a race and actually said “at least you made it out!”
~Wear lots of sunscreen….and reapply. It was pretty overcast until a little into the run, then the sun came out in full force. Below is my sunburn (ouch), and that’s with sunblock applied before the race and in T2.

So, would I do this race again? Based on everything I wrote above, absolutely. Based on my personal race experience, I remember telling Tyler right after the race NEVER AGAIN. But in all seriousness, it was a very well-organized race and now that I’ve had over 24 hours to digest my race, I would do it again, and I wouldn’t hesitate to participate in another race managed by Multirace.

So…what about my race? The recap is coming up on Wednesday!

I’m linking up today with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap.

8 thoughts on “Key West Triathlon (Not My Race Recap)

  1. I’m planning on doing my first tri next year! Good job on your finish! I’ll come back to read your race recap because I want to hear about this tough ocean swim. I think the current is worse in the southern/Atlantic portion of the ocean than in the Gulf by where I am.


  2. That is such a nice visor! You know, it takes me a while to process a race and gain some perspective. I think sometimes we are so tired at the end of one, we just don’t think clearly. Organization is so important as well as course support. I can’t imagine biking in strong winds! And yikes to that sunburn! Thanks for linking, Stacey!


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