Tri KW Race Goals

Tomorrow I’m racing the Key West Olympic triathlon, my last race of the 2016.  It’s been a pretty challenging training cycle with moving, home repairs/improvement, having to drive back and forth to Newport News to finish up the shifts I had signed up for (January is my last month of that!!), but I put in the training and feel ready to race.


I have two time goals:

PR. Which means finishing under 3 hours, 16 minutes, 49 seconds (REV3 Williamsburg).  I’m somewhat confident I can do this as my running has improved off the bike and the KWTRI bike course is roughly 2 miles shorter than REV3 (REV3 course was longer than a traditional Olympic distance).

PR the run. I ran a 1:08:58 at REV3 and know I’m a stronger runner off the bike now.  Plus, the run course is pancake flat.

Otherwise, my goals are to finish and have fun.

What am I excited about? The bike. I thrive on a flat bike course and I’m excited to see what gains I have made throughout the year. Tyler and I rode some of the course on Wednesday and it was just what I expected-flat with a couple of slight hills on the bridges.


Roads for days…..


Seen on my ride 🙂

Also, I’m excited about racing in the heat. I love it. I know I struggled during REV3, but I’ve adjusted my fueling strategy and think I’ve found something that works.

What am I nervous about? The swim. I’m always nervous about the swim, so this isn’t new to me. The water looked a bit rough on Wednesday, but today it was much calmer. Luckily it’s going to be a wetsuit legal swim, so I’m fully taking advantage of that. My goal is to just go from buoy to buoy until I’m back at the beach headed into T1.


Well, that’s about it! Looking forward to crossing that finish line tomorrow and celebrating all of the work I’ve put in this fall.



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