24 Hours In Charleston

On the way to Key West, Tyler and I decided to break up the drive with a couple of stops, one being in Charleston, South Carolina. Neither one of us had been there and we found it was the perfect midway point to where we were headed.


We got in Friday evening and left early Sunday morning, leaving Saturday as a full day of exploring Charleston—and it didn’t disappoint! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this city exceeded it-by far.

On Saturday morning we woke up, had breakfast at the hotel and drove into the the city for a run, a day full of wandering around and visiting Fort Sumter.

this fountain-so pretty!
running along the seawall

We ran four miles around the waterfront and French Quarter. The waterfront seawall path and the French architecture were absolutely gorgeous. Side note: the Charleston Half went on my must do races list, this is a city I could easily go spend another weekend visiting. Oh, and the weather was perfect-cool and sunny at the start of the run with a slight breeze off of the water. It definitely warmed up quickly making the short walk back to the car after the run comfortable.

running though the French Quarter

We had purchased tickets to board the ferry to Fort Sumter at 2:30pm so there was some time to walk around the city. We walked in and out of boutique shops, through a farmer’s market, enjoyed a couple of local coffee shops and may have indulged a little bit too much, but the food scene amazing so no shame here.

img_8622S’mores Peace Pie
(an ice cream sandwich with a layer of pie filling aka pure deliciousness)

vanilla latte from Black Tap Coffee
vanilla latte from Black Tap Coffee
farmer's market
farmer’s market bread stand

One of the boutiques, Utopia, had the loveliest sign in their dressing room (see below).  Such a positive message! The shopkeeper was also incredibly friendly and I happily purchased a gorgeous summer dress. It was small business Saturday and we are headed to Key West, after all. 😉


By the time 2:30pm rolled around and we were ready to board the ferry to Fort Sumter. I’ll do a different post on the park site itself, but here’s a couple of pictures I took there.




After returning from Fort Sumter, Tyler and I walked to dinner at Eli’s Table.  We had originally wanted to go to Husk, but the only reservation was at 10:15pm-that was a no go since we had an early/long day of travel on Sunday.


Eli’s Table was an excellent plan B. The entire experience was nothing short of perfect. They have a great wait staff, we were welcomed at our table by who I think was the owner/manager who presented us with a glass of bubbles and said “we like to toast our guests.”


Dinner started with the fig prosciutto crostini and a pomegranate glaze, followed by-wait for it-duck with sweet potato waffles and Brussels sprouts for me, and pork belly with collard greens and grits for Tyler. It was all incredible.

img_2448 img_2449And yes, I was that person who photographed their dinner.

And just like that, our time in Charleston came to an end and we were headed to the next stops on our southern road trip.  Charleston, you were just wonderful. I’ll definitely be back!

After a long travel day, including stopping in Savannah and St. Augustine and a day of visiting Biscayne National Park and the Everglades, we’re headed to Key West today! More posts travel coming soon, but first I’ve got a beach to relax on 🙂


Have you ever spent time in Charleston? What city/town have you visited that exceeded your expectations?

5 thoughts on “24 Hours In Charleston

  1. Sedona! I’d always wanted to go & it didn’t disappoint.

    You had me at s’mores pie. Charleston is another city I’ve always wanted to visit. Basically, I’ve never really visited the deep south (other than living in TX for 17 years).

    So much to see, so little time!


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