F5 2.0: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Rogas on runners and no angry kitties,
soft swiftly tank tops and goggles for swimming
how did you get this triathlete to sing??
these are a few of my favorite things!

Fact: I’m no poet and I certainly can’t sing. However, in my (not so humble) opinion I do have excellent taste in gear for swimming, biking and running. I’m linking up with Fairytales and Fitness and Running On Happy for the Friday Five 2.0 link up. Today, the topic is Free, so I’m posting about a few of my favorite things. I was originally saving this post for another Friday Five link-up later this month, but since it’s the biggest shopping weekend of the year some of these amazing companies are having some awesome sales and I wanted to share it with you 🙂

1. Oiselle Roga Shorts. These are my GO TO shorts for just about everything-running, walking the dogs, travel, etc….I can wear them to do almost anything. What do I like about them? Well, my favorite thing is the yoga waistband. It’s soft, stretchy and is super-flattering (aka no muffin top). The short’s fabric is also stretchy and dries super fast–comes in handy for those sweaty summer runs (also a good makeshift bathing suit bottom, if you find yourself wanting to go for a post run jump in the pool, as seen below).  They come in three lengths, original (4″), long (6″) and mac (1.75″) so there’s a length for everyone. I may be a part of the Oiselle Volée team, but I would wear these even if I wasn’t! Bonus! Oiselle is on sale! 15% off $100, 20% off $200 and 30% off $300 + free shipping.



2. Coeur Sports Tri Shorts. One of Coeur’s hashtags is #noangrykitty, and it is 100% accurate. I can ride in their tri shorts for hours and hours and not feel any discomfort in regard to my, ahem, kitty. It’s in the seam-free chamois, which eliminates any risk of chafing. These shorts also have a yoga waistband (aka comfortable). I would highly recommend these tri shorts to any tri ladies/ladies who cycle/go to spin classes-beginner or seasoned athletes! Bonus! All things Coeur are 30% off though Monday with discount code BF1630!


3. Lululemon Swiftly tank tops. I can’t say enough positive things about these tops. They don’t ride up, they wick sweat like a boss and they’re super light. (I also like the short-sleeve and long-sleeved tops-as light as they are they are still warm in cool/cold weather). Bonus! There are some Swiftly items on sale on the We Made Too Much page (sizes limited)!

also pictured, a Boco Gear visor :)
also pictured, a Boco Gear visor 🙂

4. Roka F2 Goggles. It took some time for me to find goggles that fit my face right, and these are it. I like the Roka goggles in general because they are soft around my eyes and come in multiple lens color depending on where you are training/racing. Bonus! Roka is having a Black Friday sale this weekend (prices marked on website)!


5. Boco Gear hats. I love these hats and visors. I was first introduced to Boco Gear last year when I bought a technical trucker hat from Coeur, it was love at first wear. These hats are super comfortable, keeps the sweat and sun out of my eyes and they look gooooood.

I love hats.
I love hats.
my FAVE Boco hat--from Run Big in Kona
my FAVE Boco hat–from Run Big in Kona

So there you have it, a few of my favorite things!

PS. None of this is sponsored, I just love these products 🙂

What is one of your favorite things when it comes to training?

10 thoughts on “F5 2.0: A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. I love the roga shorts too. But I prefer them in the long version (I have about 10 pairs). I am hoping one day the purple/violet will be available in the long version because that color is just beautiful!!!


    1. I just got a pair of the long ones for traveling/hiking and I love them! I agree, the purple would be gorgeous in the long version 🙂


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